Osper – mobile banking for young people + a £5 free credit

Keeping it in the family this week, this post is written by Belle, aged 13. Thanks Belle!

So thanks to Osper, this year I am able to splash out on the people I love for Christmas!

I have planned the budgeting, the people I am getting the presents for and even ideas of what to get them. I am normally RUBBISH at budgeting as I normally spend it all in one go on a game or a new, random bit of junk that don’t need and will probably never use, but being able to see your balance anywhere makes you think a bit more about what you are going to buy.

I made lists, drew sketches, practised mind mapping and even had to do a lot of thinking! If you would like to see more then just watch the video below:

As you can see, I wanted to make the most of my generous gift from Osper so I did a lot, (and I mean ALOT), of preparation. You may be thinking “Belle, it’s not even December,” but who doesn’t like to get exited about Christmas early?!

As soon as I have had my August birthday my next thought is…


Opening stockings, eating mince pies, standing knee-deep in wrapping paper. What is there not to LOVE?

So this Christmas I got the chance to spoil my closest family members thanks to Osper and their kid friendly debit card. I did some research into some really cool gadgets to get people. You have got to agree that these are so cool!!!

awesome inventions

awesome inventions

awesome inventions


Because of our technology filled generation, you can also download it’s special app where you log in and feel like a proper grown up by managing the money that goes in and out of you account.

Checking your balance is INCREDIBLY USEFUL as on a normal card you have to get up, get dressed, go outside and walk to your nearest cashpoint to check your balance. With Osper, you can stay tucked up and cosy without having to lift a finger. (Except from having to reach for your phone or tablet to actually go on the app….. But it’s ALOT easier!)

You can also get your pocket money being put straight on to your very own card!

Wait there’s more!!

If you follow this link then you get £5 FREE when you order your free Osper card!!

Who doesn’t love free money?!

Anyway, thanks for reading!!

Belle X

Osper card


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