Are you wearing the right sized bra? A day out with Mish Lingerie

It’s a tough old life being a blogger. A couple of weeks ago I had a day out that’s the perfect example – I popped down to Cornwall, ate some mini pasties, tried on bras at the Mish Lingerie shop, had an ice cream… it was all very stressful indeed.

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buy lingerie online

Who am I kidding?? It was awesome! Seriously, I know I must be about the most annoying person in the world, always blathering on about my mini breaks and days out, but bear with me today, for I bring you a serious message.

Today I’m talking bras.

First up, a confession. I am one of those women who dresses for comfort. I may only be 37, but wardrobe wise I’m about 68. If I could get away with ordering all of my trousers from a Sunday supplement then I probably would because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t rather have an elasticated waistband? Unfortunately, this makes me a bra fitter’s worst nightmare, as I’m the sort of person to think ‘I’ll just go up a back size, just to be comfy…’

Ladies, this is not cool. It’s not really OK in your 30s to buy those ‘bras’ off the TV that come in packs of three and try to pass them off as sporty. I know bras aren’t exactly the most comfortable thing, but let’s not let ourselves go completely eh? Let’s at least make an effort during the day, even if it just means that the moment you take your bra off on the sofa, under your clothes, is all the sweeter because of it.

Mish Lingerie sells underwear and swimwear from their shop in Bodmin, and also online. I visited with a group of other bloggers to see for myself the full range on offer, have a proper fitting, and find out more about one of the key brands they work with – Panache. What I especially loved is that rather than bring in professional models to show off their products, Mish had asked for volunteers on their Facebook page – they’d been inundated with offers, and we felt very much in awe of the three ordinary women, of various shapes, sizes and ages, who were brave enough to strip down in front of a group of strangers. This made it much easier to connect with the lingerie, and to imagine how it might actually look on ourselves.

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I have to say that when I went for my fitting I was feeling pretty confident – I had worn my very best bra, and thought it fitted OK. Oh how wrong I was. The sad look from my fitter said it all. I was given a few different styles and sizes to try on, and we settled in the end on a bra that was a 32 rather than a 34, and THREE cup sizes bigger than the bra I had arrived in. I was sent out as an example to the class, first in my old bra, and then the new one, and even under my t-shirt you could see the difference – my whole shape and the way I held myself had changed. It was a miracle!

Getting a good fitting bra isn’t really about measurements, so it’s always good to go and have a fitting in person if you can. Mish does have a handy fitting guide though, so you’ll know what to look for if you’re fitting yourself at home. Delivery is free and you can return anything that doesn’t fit, so if you can’t get to the shop then buying online is an easy option.

I was very disappointed in how badly I had been doing on my own and was thrilled to come away with a bra that actually fits! And of course I had a buffet lunch to console myself, just no room now in my bra to sneak home the leftover pasties…

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Disclosure – I was invited to Mish Lingerie as their guest but all opinions are my own.



  1. 29 July, 2015 / 9:27 am

    Looks like a fun day. It’s amazing the difference a well fitting bra makes. So important. Panache nursing bras have literally saved my boobs (hopefully) during breastfeeding.

  2. 29 July, 2015 / 1:02 pm

    I recently got properly sized. Australian sizes of course, but I went from a 12A to 10DD… imagine my shock!!!

    • Jo Middleton
      29 July, 2015 / 1:05 pm

      Blimey!! And did you really notice the difference in how you felt?

      • 29 July, 2015 / 1:34 pm

        Actually yes, I noticed that although my bra felt a bit tighter on the straps, it actually didn’t leave any marks (I have the kind of skin you can write on with a finger nail, so that’s a huge deal). Obviously my boobs suddenly looked much bigger too, because the cup included all the “side fat” bits which weren’t fat after all but in fact part of my boobs. And the wires didn’t dig into the middle of my chest.
        But by far the best bit is telling people that I’ve gone from an A to a DD. I feel very womanly! Of course, DD in a size 10 is nothing at all, since it’s more a reflection of “diametre” rather than “volume’. I’m still tiny, but I am at least working everything I have!
        Also… I hope it’s not creepy and weird of me to confess this, but before I read this post, I actually saw the one with the video of you talking about that black formal dress. I was staring at your chest the whole time thinking “Has she always been…. so insanely… well proportioned?? Girl MUST have had a proper bra fitting recently…”

        • Jo Middleton
          29 July, 2015 / 1:42 pm

          Hahahaha!!! I WAS wearing my new bra, so thank you for noticing ;-)

    • 6 November, 2015 / 12:07 pm

      I hear you! I was quite surprised when, one day, while bra shopping, I fit well in a 30DD bra (I’m a 34 B/C, depending on the brand).

      We ladies all need proper bra fitting in person. Sometimes we just assume a size, never really knowing that it’s not the right one.

  3. 1 August, 2015 / 8:47 am

    Sounds like a great day. I’m sure a lot of women wear the wrong size bra. I was like that before. I go to Victoria’s Secret and a lady sizes me.

  4. 9 September, 2015 / 10:25 am

    Such cute and comfy bras, the colors are also so pretty, loved them! Leopard and lace is the best store to buy Lingerie’s.

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