14 super cool school bags

When eBay asked me to help them put together a back to school buyers’ guide, I should probably have warned them that I know absolutely nothing at all about how to be cool at school.

As a teenager, I just never quite got to grips with what was expected of me; what trainers I was meant to have, where I was meant to hang out at lunchtime – I always got things a little bit wrong. (And by ‘a little bit’ I mean dreadfully.) On non-uniform days, when everyone else just switched to the uniform of jeans and t-shirts, I tended to think it would be rather nice to borrow a floral blouse from my mum, to jolly things up a little bit, and to perhaps wear a nice skirt.

It’s been quite hard for me then as a parent to help my own children ingratiate themselves with their peers, and more often than not, when lacking any understanding of the right sort of back pack to be seen carrying, I have resorted instead to reminding them that it’s the kids who were popular at my school that are now unemployed drug addicts, living in bedsits in Bridgwater.

It’s not ideal.

Rather than make a fool of myself then, I enlisted Belle’s help in putting together my eBay guide and between us we came up with 14 super cool backpacks that hopefully won’t make you a complete social outcast.

No promises though.

Check out my buyers’ guide here.

Super cool back packs

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  1. 31 July, 2015 / 8:17 am

    Yeah!!! these bags are awesome and I am sure every kid will love these cool school bag.

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