How to create the illusion of control (emotionally and in your cupboards) + win Anthea Turner NEAT storage goodies

I’ve been in my new house now for a couple of weeks and things are looking pretty good. In fact, they looked pretty good after just a few days.

I fear that this initial impressive level of organisation though may all have been an illusion. For starters, I pretended when I moved out of the old house to forget about the attic. I also casually brushed aside the thought of the cupboard under the stairs, so when I went back a week later to do the handover I had to stuff another entire load of crap into the car before I could give the landlord back his keys.

When I then arrived back at the new house then, I had nowhere to put it.


I squeezed it in though. No one will ever know.

Illusion it may be, but actually I have decided that this is OK. In fact, the more I think about it, the more it seems to be to be a good metaphor for life. What is confidence after all if not simply creating the illusion of being in control and pretending to know what you are talking about? How many of us go about our day to day lives looking calm and controlled on the outside when actually our brains are full of clutter, just like the cupboard I shut the door on?

Messy cupboard

I’ve decided it doesn’t matter about the messy cupboard/brain so long as what people see are the nicely arranged wine glasses on pretty shelves.

However, sometimes it’s important to take the time out to have a bit of a tidy up, whether that’s reading a book and drinking a cup of tea to clear your mind or literally organising your dresses into colour order. (I do love things in colour order). For the more literal tidying, it can be useful to equip yourself with a range of appropriate tools. I’ve been using Anthea Turner’s new range of organisational paraphernalia, a range called NEAT.

It’s pretty cool. It means I basically still get to shove everything in the wardrobe, but in a terribly efficient looking way, turning me instantly into an Anthea style domestic goddess. Of sorts.

To celebrate the launch of NEAT with Anthea Turner, I’m giving away a full storage kit from the NEAT range.

Launching on 2nd July and available to buy exclusively from Britain’s largest home-grown TV shopping network Ideal World TV and online at, NEAT combines style and functionality to give customers a range of products that not only look great but are also full to the brim with smart features to make life easier. The collection includes wardrobe and drawer storage solutions, hangers, zip boxes and baskets, with each product cleverly creating a smart storage solution.

Anthea Turner will be appearing on Ideal World TV on 2nd and 3rd of July at 8pm to showcase the products.

neat anthea turner ideal world TV

To enter, just click here or on the image above and follow the instructions. You do need to be on Twitter but if you’re not then seriously, isn’t it about time?

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