Review – vegan bourbon necklace

Bee is writing for me again today. She is 18 tomorrow and so this is the very last post she will ever write for me as a child! *sob*

As a vegan there are many treats you have to sacrifice. People often ask me ‘but don’t you miss bacon and syrup waffles/magnums/chocolate gateaux?’ and they’re often shocked when I reply with the truth, that I really don’t miss anything that much. Obviously though I am only human so sometimes I do crave a moist slice of chocolate covered beef.

For these occasions, there is one secret weapon all vegans should know about.

Bourbon cream biscuits.

“But aren’t they chocolate? Isn’t there butter in the biscuits? Isn’t the inside made of cream?” I hear you cry.

Well the answer to all of these is no.

As a testament to the poor quality of these heavenly biscuits, they are in fact suitable for vegans as they mainly contain oil, sugar, and a pinch of cocoa powder. Luckily for me they are about 6p for 187 (possibly a slight exaggeration) so I often find myself eating 24 at a time.

As bourbons have grown to become my favourite treat, I was ecstatic to find this incredible necklace.

Bourbon necklace

This necklace is from Style Chapel (currently in the sale!) and is possibly the coolest necklace I have ever seen. The loveable bourbon pendant teamed with regal style pearl beads makes the statement ‘I am queen of the bourbons’.

In eager anticipation of the arrival of my necklace, Belle had a go at making one of her own out of Fimo. She loved doing this, so if you fancy your own handmade bourbon necklace, get your kids to make one for you!

Bourbon necklace

Belle’s was very professional, and both of them look fabulous. If you’re a vegan or if you just love biscuits, this is definitely the necklace for you.



  1. 5 August, 2013 / 12:41 pm

    I LOVE Bourbons! They are the King of biscuits! I need this necklace!!!

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