Today for my lunch I invented a new recipe

Tuna and mushy peas on rice cakes.

I know, sounds delicious right?

I was feeling a bit uninspired by the thought of another ham sandwich, so had a rummage through the cupboards instead and found a can of tuna from the Reel Fish company:

Now I’ve not eaten much tuna lately since it started becoming a bit on the pricey side, so when you do buy tuna, you want to buy something Proper and Good don’t you? The Reel Fish company catch all their tuna one by one, using an actual pole and line, so nothing else gets caught that shouldn’t be. Plus, it’s really delicious.

I also found a tin of mushy peas, a bargain at only 9p from Aldi, and half a pack of slightly squidgy rice cakes that needed using up.

And then my delicious recipe came to me, like a bolt of lightning!

I like tuna, but I find it a bit dry on its own. Mayonnaise is yummy, but has about a million calories. Mushy peas on the other hand – all the moistness of mayo without the fat! Plus you get a bit of pea goodness too. Foolproof. I mixed them up together, and piled my mixture on top of my rice cake.


"Tuna and mushy pea rice cakes"

Not only was it very tasty, but one of these works out at less than 100 calories and is really filling. Nigella eat your heart out.

If you have any other ideas for interesting ways to use a can of tuna, do let me know…



  1. 23 October, 2012 / 2:54 pm

    Tuna, Mint Sauce, Cucumber, a small hint of mayo and some pasta!
    can also add raw mushrooms and or tomatoes

    Or Tuna, Wholegrain mustard on bread

    I am always random with our food!

  2. 23 October, 2012 / 7:35 pm

    Nigella, Hugh, Jamie, Gordon and Heston are literally holding a summit to discuss how they are going to deal with this threat to human culinary consumption!

  3. 20 July, 2013 / 1:59 pm

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