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Fancy being part of a SUPER SPECIAL CLUB where you get extra COOL STUFF that no one else knows about??

If you want access to secret posts about aspects of my life that no one else gets to see, surprise gifts, possibly stickers and other top secret cool stuff that I am yet to decide upon, OR you just want to do your bit to help me keep my blog going because you couldn’t live without it, then you need to join my gang.

Don’t worry, the gang is going to be less this:

slummy single mummy blog subscription

More this:

slummy single mummy blog subscription

My blog is my full time job and although of course I want everyone in the whole wide world to be able to read it totally free, I’m also very open to the idea of financial support in any form. You know – dinners out, cash in the post, that sort of thing.

If you fancy giving me a few bob every month, in return for special perks, to help me carry on blogging in the style to which I have become accustomed, then please click below on ‘help me create more’ and set up your subscription.

You’re the best :-)

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