Homemade gluten free fig rolls

The technical challenge on the Great British Bake Off last week was figs rolls. I absolutely love a fig roll – a much underrated snack in my opinion. They are properly sturdy and wholesome feeling, not like you’ve really had a biscuit at all, more like an oat cake and a fruit salad. This fig roll recipe is even more wholesome than usual because it comes from The Happy Pear cookbook. I bought this book after my sister took me to visit their cafe in Ireland, which was LUSH. They are really into healthy eating, so it’s all piles of homemade Medjool date energy balls and massive, colourful bowls full of couscous and olives and pulses you don’t recognise but feel like you should. It’s basically how you imagine your own kitchen would be if you lived in Greece and had seven children and wore long, flowing dresses. You know that anything from their recipe book is going to be oozing with goodness. Eat one of these fig rolls and feel smug AF. This is a gluten free fig roll recipe, with a pastry made with ground almonds instead of flour. I know on the Bake Off the fig rolls were the technical challenge, but I don’t honestly think you need much technical skill to make these. They’re a bit fiddly maybe, because the pastry is quite crumbly, but you’ll manage it, I have faith in you. Homemade fig rolls – ingredients For the dough: 380g ground almonds 40ml agave syrup (I used honey) 40ml sunflower oil 3 tablespoons of vanilla extract For the figgy filling: 300g dried figs 75ml lemon juice 3 tablespoons of vanilla extract Homemade fig rolls – method Start with the dough. On the Bake Off this would be very tricky and puzzling. ‘Ooooh!’ say the … Continue reading Homemade gluten free fig rolls