I have a funny feeling that I may be becoming the go to person for bladder weakness. It’s nice to have a niche I guess, especially with Pelvic Floor Week coming up, but it makes me wonder exactly how it has happened. Do I come out top if you Google ‘bloggers with weak pelvic floors’? And if so, how do they know??

It’s a worry.

(Note: as I write this, I do need a wee, but I’m holding it in, to get all the nutrients.*)

pelvic floor week Innovo

Me, super tanned from my recent holiday in Greece. (Not really.)

Whatever the reason, I don’t really mind, as I actually think it’s something that we should talk about much more. There’s a common misconception that a bit of a leak when you cough, or a life without trampolines, is just something you have to accept as you get older and have babies.

It isn’t. View Post