This is the follow up in my Innovo reviews series. 

I’ve been using Innovo for about six weeks now. In case you need a refresher, take a quick read of my introductory post here or, if you’re too lazy to click a link, (shame on you), then you’ll just have to pick it up as you go along. It won’t be the same though, so your loss.

So what is Innovo?

Didn’t I just say that you had to read the post introducing Innovo? Well I meant it. Off you go.

Okay, okay.

Innovo is a non-invasive way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which basically means you don’t have to insert anything anywhere. It’s essentially two big, wide straps, that you attach to your thighs, and which then send electrical impulses to key muscles. These in turn stimulate your pelvic floor muscles to contract – six times per minute – in a bid to strengthen your pelvic floor and stop you doing a wee in your pants every time you sneeze or go on a trampoline. (Both of which *may* have happened to me.)

Innovo reviews easy pelvic floor exercises


What does Innovo feel like?

I’m not going to lie – Innovo is uncomfortable to start with. You’re advised to start off slowly and build up over a few sessions while you get used to the sensation. When you first start, it really hurts at 30, and you wonder how you’ll ever progress, but you do very quickly adjust. Just experiment with upping the pulse bit by bit but don’t worry, you will get there in the end.

It’s an odd feeling, because you lose control of your own muscles, and get to watch them contract and relax independently of you. Once you have built up a bit of resistance though, it’s quite satisfying, and you can definitely feel it working your pelvic floor muscles. View Post

Looking for Innovo reviews? Want easy ways to strengthen your pelvic floor? You’ve come to the right place!

I have a gadget to show you today!

You know how lots of blogs show off fancy things like iPads and remote control helicopters? Well, it’s sort of like that. Only not.

Today I want to introduce you to Innovo. You might remember Innovo from when I talked about it here a couple of months ago? Innovo is a totally non-invasive way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and treat cause of urinary leaks, rather than just covering them up. Stress incontinence is something that a lot of people are too embarrassed to talk about, but it’s definitely not something you should just have to accept.

This post is the first in a series where I’m going to be properly putting Innovo through its paces, checking in at intervals to tell you about my progress and the changes I’m noticing. I don’t want to just give you the theory – I want to give you thorough, honest Innovo reviews, so that if you do want to do something about your pelvic floor, you have all the information you need about Innovo to invest with confidence.

(That sounded very serious didn’t it? I promise to make wee gags too. You have to laugh at stuff remember? You just want to be able to laugh without wetting yourself.)

In this Innovo review post then, I just want to show you exactly what’s involved, what you can expect if you choose to try Innovotherapy for yourself, and to give you a bit of background into the technology.

Let’s get the science out of the way before I get my thighs out shall we? View Post

I have a funny feeling that I may be becoming the go to person for bladder weakness. It’s nice to have a niche I guess, especially with Pelvic Floor Week coming up, but it makes me wonder exactly how it has happened. Do I come out top if you Google ‘bloggers with weak pelvic floors’? And if so, how do they know??

It’s a worry.

(Note: as I write this, I do need a wee, but I’m holding it in, to get all the nutrients.*)

pelvic floor week Innovo

Me, super tanned from my recent holiday in Greece. (Not really.)

Whatever the reason, I don’t really mind, as I actually think it’s something that we should talk about much more. There’s a common misconception that a bit of a leak when you cough, or a life without trampolines, is just something you have to accept as you get older and have babies.

It isn’t. View Post