I know I post a lot about my kitties on social media, and sneak in the odd picture of them here, but I thought it might be time for a little round up?

I say that as though it’s YOU who wants to see them, rather than me that wants to look at them. I woke up this morning though feeling a teeny bit fraught, after having those flustered dreams where you’re trying to do something and it never works, so I thought this might be soothing.

We’ve had the cats for less than three months, and yet I can’t imagine life without them. I always knew I was a cat person, but I had no idea that I was going to love them quite so much. I mean properly, like they are real life babies. (Which I DO know they aren’t, but it would be awful wouldn’t it to go to work knowing your seven month old baby was just playing in the street on their own??)

Inevitably, my camera roll is now about 87% cat, and so I had a look through and picked out some of my favourites – photos that capture certain things I love about my cats.

I love how my cats tesselate

The first picture is actually a pair.

I peered over the edge of the sofa to look at (one of) the cats’ beds, because I heard little kitty noises. Endeavour was asleep, looking very cosy.

cat asleep

Literally two minutes later I had another peep.


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Do you remember that time my pyjamas smelt of Michael Bublé?

It was a while ago now, and I’ve washed them a few times since. The smell is no longer there.

Michael seemed put out last time he came round.

‘Why do your pyjamas no longer smell of meeeee?’ he sang. ‘Why have you forsaken me so?’

‘Michael, Michael,’ I replied, trying to quieten him down a little bit, ‘you need to get over this, you need to move on.’

‘But Josephiiiiiiine!’ he sang, at such high volume that the cats hid under the bed, ‘I cannot leeeeeeeave you!’

‘Well you must Michael,’ I insisted, shooing him down the stairs and out of the front door.

‘At least let me leave you this By Invitation gift set,’ he said, thrusting a box through the gap in the door in a last ditch attempt to win my heart. ‘It contains a 50ml Eau de Parfum and a 150ml shower gel. Spray a little on your pillow and think of me!’

I took it, just so he would leave, but I can’t keep it, so I’m giving it away in this competition.*

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I had a boyfriend once who refused to kick piles of autumn leaves.

Every time I did it, he would do that thing where you draw your breath in sharply between your teeth.

‘What’s the matter?’ I would say, foot mid air, ready to send a heap of red and gold leaves flying across the path.

‘You shouldn’t kick the leaves like that,’ he would reply. ‘You never know what might be under them. You’ll probably end up kicking dog shit.’

It took the edge of my autumnal fun, that’s for sure.

It made me sad too, because as an attitude to life, what even is this??

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Last weekend Belle and I went to Bristol as Belle wanted me to take some pictures of her against cool backgrounds.


(The backgrounds in some of the others are better I promise.)


When did she get so big??

It always makes my insides twitch a bit when I see pictures of either of my baby girls looking so grown up. There is such a vulnerability at this age isn’t there? She’s 15, and so very nearly on the cusp of being an adult, at yet at the same time she is just a child, full of doubts and insecurities. I think this photo of Belle captures that mix pretty well.

Parenting at this age is hard too. You want to protect them, but you want them to be exploring their independence and learning to make good decisions. It’s like you’ve put in all the work and then you have to step back and see if it all holds together. (A bit like when I do crafts or DIY, but hopefully sturdier.)

I’ve been exploring this theme with EE today in a post about cyberbullying and the Royal Foundation’s Stop Speak Support campaign. In the post I talk about the challenges as a parent in keeping kids safe online, and highlight three things that you can talk to your children about that will hopefully go some way to equipping them with the right skills, should they ever come face to face with cyberbullying.

Please go and have a read now and make sure you know what those three things are.

Normally when I ask Belle what she wants to do at the weekend she says ‘nothing really.’ She stays in bed until about 1pm and then watches Vampire Diaries until I drag her out to Homesense or something dull like that.

Last weekend though when I asked her, she said ‘I want to go and do a photoshoot, where I wear lots of different outfits and you take pictures of me in front of cool backgrounds.’


Who would have thought it?

So Belle filled the back of our tiny car with clothes and shoes and make up and hairbrushes and I got my camera and we went up to Stokes Croft in Bristol. When we lived in Bristol we lived pretty close to Stokes Croft and it’s one of my favourite parts of the city. There’s such a vibrance to it – so many colours and cafes and different kinds of people. Unfortunately on Saturday it was also a bit on the drizzly side, and bitterly cold, but we had hot chocolates in Cafe Kino, braced ourselves, and did our best.

I understand that being 15 can suck quite a lot. I look at my body now and think about my body at 15 and I want to cry a bit, because of the inversely proportional relationship that goes on – the younger and more beautiful you are, the more full of self-loathing you also are. Once you get old enough to realise you’re actually a goddess, i.e. me, then things are rather past their prime. Hopefully Belle will be able to look at these photos and realise how beautiful she is.

(Although probably not because of being 15. See above.)

Anyway, we had a lot of fun, despite the cold, and it was nice to get out of the house for a proper weekend outing.

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I had a bit of a moment last week where I started to worry for my sanity. A moment where I realised I really have become a crazy cat lady.

‘Are you actually even okay?’ Bee asked me tactfully, when she came over for tea on Friday night. I was explaining how I’d been combing vanilla powder onto the kittens.

‘It’s a HACK!’ I said, with a slight hysterical edge. ‘I saw it on the INTERNET!’

Let me explain.

As you know, a few weeks ago we brought home three rescue kittens. They have full detective names, but they are Camille, Endeavour and Humphrey for short.

One of my very favourite things about them is how much they love each other, even though two are brother and sister and one of them is just a random that happened to be in the room when we went to visit the rehoming centre. They sleep in big fluffy piles and purr when they see each other and lick each other’s face and I LOVE IT.

am I a crazy cat lady?

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