When Bee told me she was pregnant, back before Christmas, I was very excited.

Partly I was excited at the thought of stopping to chat to people with the baby in the street and them being SHOOK when I said ‘Oh no, it’s not MINE, I’m Granny!’ They would say things about how surely I wasn’t old enough, and I would laugh coquettishly and then ruin it by muttering something about just having greasy skin.

Partly I was looking forward to the opportunity to try doing things differently, to have actual money to spend and to have someone excited to go to a farm with me again.

Mainly I just wanted to be able to get one of those tiny baby feet and put the whole thing in my mouth and say NOM NOM NOM.

Bee was adamant that the baby was going to be a girl, and that she really, really wanted a girl. In fact, so sure was she that her and her boyfriend would be devastated if it wasn’t a girl, that they decided to find out the sex of the baby at their 20 week scan last week, just so they could give themselves time to get used to the idea.

It was a boy.

Of course Bee realised immediately that it didn’t matter at all, and if anything she seems even more in love with the baby than ever before.


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Hey, it’s Bee again. Maybe I’ve mentioned it once or twice on the internet, but I’m having a baby in July.

Lately I’ve been feeling really envious over people’s nurseries. I try not to look at sites like Pinterest because they’re totally unachievable goals as far as I’m concerned and I don’t know how to upcycle anything from Ikea into something else so what’s the point really?

nursery decor ideas

I’ve been looking at the nurseries of people I know though and thinking a) how cute they are and b) how expensive it must be to kit one out. I know that it doesn’t HAVE to be and you can get loads of stuff as hand-me-downs or in charity shops but they always look so nice that I can’t believe it didn’t cost them a fortune. What’s worse is that I can’t even start now because I don’t have a second bedroom. I’m waiting to be able to move house so I can get a place with two bedrooms, so I can’t even plan it out in my head because I have no idea what the room will be like.

Anyway, once I am able to start collecting things I’m going to have to think about what kind of stuff I want. I am finding out the sex of my baby if possible, but I don’t want this to impact too much on how I decorate the room. I really love neutral colours on babies as I think they’re the cutest – things like white and grey are my favourites and I’d like to incorporate lots of these into a minimalist yet cosy kind of design.

nursery decor ideas

I was having a look at some of the things that make nurseries extra special and cosy online. I would like to have some things that are personal to the baby, like pictures of us in a family and some nice soothing artwork on the walls as well as some personalised stuff when I finally think of a name (how the hell are you supposed to pick ONE name for your kid to have FOREVER?)

I was looking on the LionsHome website and came across some really cute things in the baby accessories section. I especially love looking at GroBags – there are so many cute designs and they have so many to choose from on the website. I think cute sleepy babies in a bag are the best thing in the world, plus it keeps them so nice and cosy. Also from looking at the website I’ve decided that I probably want to get a white cot – it’s gender neutral and it’s so easy to match everything to it. White cots also never go out of style so if I ever had another baby (gah wait what?!) I could use it again!

What nursery essentials did you buy? Do you have any good recommendations?

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Hey guys, it’s Bee here. You might remember me from such exciting events as being pregnant with SSM’s first grandchild! I’m about half way through now so not long to wait. The baby is parboiled, if you will.

Anyway, this got me thinking about when I was younger and how much I looked up to my mum. It seems crazy to me that when I was about three years old and have my earliest memories of her, she was only 20, which is over three years younger than I am now! I can’t imagine being my age and having a six-year-old child, I really don’t know how she did it. I guess because she was a young mum I always looked up to her and thought she was really cool, as well as my aunty who is 13 years older than me who I saw a lot of the time growing up.

Baby Bee

Baby Bee

I have some really vivid memories of wanting to be exactly like them.

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Since discovering I’m going to become a GRANNY this summer – read all about it here – I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want my Granny name to be.

In terms of the more traditional options, Granny is my favourite. I’m not particularly keen on Nan or Nanny. I don’t know why, but when I think of Nan I imagine a woman in one of those cleaning tabards, leaning against a back door, smoking a cigarette and looking cross. No offence to all the Nans out there. Nanny is just Nanny McPhee, and I don’t have any hairy moles (yet).

My mum and her mum are/were both Gran, and my Dad’s mum was Grandma, so I want something a bit different from those, and Granny has an air of mischief about it that I like. I imagine a Granny would do thinks like hide miniature bottles of prosecco in her handbag when she took her grandchildren to soft play. Although come to think of it, my Gran used to take a thermos of gin and tonic when she took me to the beach, so perhaps that’s more genetic than name based.

Me as a Granny emptying my vast handbag, Mary Poppins/portable gin bar style

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Happy New Year!

I love a bit of new year. I love setting goals and fresh starts and spring cleans and all the things that typically come with a new year. I’ve already washed the kitchen floor and cleaned the bathroom today, and I’ve not eaten a sausage roll in about 20 hours.

Although I do love Christmas, December felt a little bit overwhelming. I had a little knot in my stomach of anxiety that came and went throughout the month and I found it hard to get as excited as I usually would about list making.

(Horror! What is life without the joy of a list?)

I knew that once Christmas ticked over though, that I would feel better, and I did. I do. I have a new diary, a cool calendar, a fist-full of lists for all occasions and I’m ready for 2019, whatever it may bring.

One of the things that 2019 is set to bring is this:

grandparent blog


No, it’s not mine, at least not entirely. It’s 25% me though. Come July, Bee is going to be a Mummy, and my blog is going to become, at least in spirit, Slummy Single (Grand)Mummy. View Post