How to Make Money Via Youtube?

The pandemic has forced people inside their homes to look for money-making opportunities online. The best and most popular way of making money is via YouTube. “YouTubers” are raking in almost 20-million a year. Making money via YouTube looks easy, but it isn’t as straightforward as uploading videos regularly, getting millions of views, and increasing your subscriber base. Today, content creators, small or large, have to use a combination of tips and techniques to monetize their content. This can range from advertising revenues to affiliate marketing to brand sponsorships and others.

In this article, we cover the length and breadth of how you can, as a new creator or experienced content creator, make money via YouTube.

Let’s understand the basics of how much money you can make via YouTube.

Before you even begin earning money on YouTube, you need an audience. Your audience makes you valuable as a content creator, and the audience is why YouTube will pay you for your content.


  • Build a Consistent Audience


To build a consistent audience, you need to make engaging videos that viewers like watching. It’s important to understand that your videos have to follow “YouTube Community Guidelines” to be eligible for monetization.

Your videos, or your channel, will only make money for you when you join the YouTube Partner Program or YPP. The YPP allows creators to monetize their content on YouTube. After earning 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time, content creators can join the YouTube Partner program after review.

The best way to monetize your channel or content on YouTube is to change your perspective. Think of YouTube as a facilitator to make money, not a per se monetization platform. Viewing YouTube as an enabler to further sell your products or services will ensure that you keep on generating income via YouTube. 

Here are some ways to make money via YouTube:


  • Monetize Your Channel


If you already have a channel and are eligible to join the YPP, monetize your channel. If you are just starting as a content creator on YouTube, make sure you have enough content ready over several weeks to gather your 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. These videos can be vlogs, daily life slices, or animated videos that provide value to your customers. You can use tools like video editing, free intro maker, animated templates, and go quality sound to truly stand out from the crowd and make professional-looking videos. Click here for more video related help.


  • Become an Affiliate Marketer on YouTube


What does it take to become an affiliate marketer on YouTube? Well, for starters, affiliate marketers sell someone else’s products on their platform/ channel. Once a person buys the affiliate product, the marketer gets paid a commission for each sale.

It is easy to become an affiliate marketer today. Just sign up to be on any platform like Amazon, Shopify, ShareASale, etc. You can choose from a variety of products like electronics, books, smartphones, and with your YouTube channel review the products on video or create tutorial content. Bring out your creative skills while making those videos and generate more sales leads while becoming better at selling the product. Always remember to add your affiliate links in your YouTube descriptions; otherwise, you won’t get paid for the sales.


  • Increase Traffic to a Website and Product Page


Traffic is the tell-all, be all in the internet world. If you can generate traffic and if that’s sales traffic, then the cash register will keep ringing. YouTube is an excellent way to generate more traffic solely because the growth of videos is increasing sharply.

Use YouTube to make great content and focus on building a loyal audience. Once you have a substantial audience, create videos that redirect your viewing audience to your website or a product page. That’s where the sale will happen. Make sure you paste the link to the website at the beginning of your video descriptions, so that you can harness your YouTube traffic and redirect to where you want it to go.


  • Take Brand Sponsorships


An attractive form of promotion is brand sponsorships. You might have heard of its sister term “influencer marketing.” If your YouTube channel has a healthy number of subscribers and a formidable following, you can expect to engage in brand sponsorships. In a brand sponsorship, a brand pays a content creator to promote their brand, product, or services with a video. There are a variety of integrations that can take place during a brand-sponsored video – direct promotions, reviews, subtle promotions, product placements, how-to videos are all part of brand sponsorship videos.


  • Join YouTube/ Google Ads


Turning your creativity into a career needs monetizing, and with YouTube/ Google Ads to monetize your content, you can get more views and add more subscribers to your list regularly. YouTube monetizes your content with pre-roll ads, display advertising, search engine advertising, and more. People/ advertisers pay YouTube based on clicks and impressions. If you have Google AdWords set up, then you can get up to 55% of the generated revenue just through advertising.

Make sure your content follows guidelines and does not contain any foul language, adult content, or hate subjects. With YouTube Ads, you can get more viewers and subscribers if you creatively strategize the end of your video. Using simple tools like outro templates, you can make stunning and attractive end screens that will hook your viewer and keep them on your channel for longer hours, making you more money. Know more about Youtube outros.


  • Create Exclusive YouTube Channel Memberships


Are you a creator and have over 100,000 subscribers? Are you over 18 and an associate member of the YouTube Partner Program? Then pat yourself because now you can create your YouTube Channel Memberships. YouTube now allows exclusive content, insights, and services for people who want to access a creator’s work or product or service.

Using your channel membership in the community tab, subscribers can gain access to members-only posts and content. These are custom perks that members will get from time to time, and include services like one-on-one chats, private live stream, unseen videos, first-hand news of upcoming events, discounted price for ticket sales, and many more perks!


The fundamental knowledge you need to have when strategizing to make money via YouTube is to have the ability and content to attract a sizable and dedicated audience. They build YouTube on audience engagement and interaction. A substantial portion of making money from YouTube comes through the ability to provide value to your audience. Using the tips listed above, increase your audience following and engagement.


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