Simple and Easy Recipes made in the Air fryer

Are you looking for the recipes to get your hands on a newly bought air fryer? Well, there is no need to stroll around the internet pages and checking multiple guides as you have already clicked the right link. Things made with air fryers are healthier as compared to those which were fired in loads of oil. People with heart diseases avoid such items even if they love eating fried items.

Air Fryer: Prepare Healthy and Delicious Food

Gone are the days when making meals required cutting, getting the stove ready, pouring oil in the pan and the list goes on. The introduction of air fryer by has made cooking and baking fun more than a chore. Calling this method of cooking oil-free would do justice to the tool. Now you can taste the traditional delicacies without worrying about the list of meals which your physician advised you to refrain from.

Here is a list of delicious, appetizing, and healthy meals you can prepare for breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. Air fryer recipes require comparatively lesser effort than the traditional ways of preparing food. Get creative in the kitchen when you have an air fryer using the below-mentioned recipes.

Egg and Ham baked Toasts

Who does not love eggs for breakfast? The delicacy is real when the ham is cooked right with melted cheese beside an egg. It is the kind of breakfast which would never let you get bored with it. Rather, people of all ages would love this. When you are reluctant to cook them separately, just turn on the air fryer and you are good to go. Now you can make as many as baked toasts and spare the time for cooking other menu-items.

Mozzarella Cheese Corndog

Cheese pull is the most exciting thing which appetites our taste buds. If you want to try Korean style street food at home, then this item should be on the top of your list. Put the sausages and mozzarella cheese in the skewer dip it in the flour and after neatly coating bread crumbs over it, you can finally place it in the air fryer. In 10 minutes, your yummiest snack will be ready to eat.

Banana Bread

The soft and flavorful banana break is equally loved by everyone. Not only this, but you can give another life to the overripe bananas in your home by making banana bread out of them. Mix the bananas with milk, flour, oil sugar, and eggs as per the requirements and you are good to go. You can top off this bread with cold frosting or hot chocolate and relish it in your breakfast or tea-time.

Chip-coated Chicken Nuggets

Nuggets, the mouth-watering word we have ever heard. It is not limited to a specific age group but every loves eating them whether they are going out to watch a movie or sitting with their family. Well, why you do not try making them in an air fryer? Just make the nuggets as you have been doing for years. Coat them in peppery chips to make them crispy. Place them in the air fryer and your yummiest nuggets will be ready in a few minutes.

Air fried Jalapeno Poppers

If you are reading this for the first time, then you would probably look for the recipe which is not rocket science at all. Just take some medium-sized jalapeno, cut them in half and fill with your favorite cream cheese and toss them in some bread crumbs. Neatly place them in the air fryer and wait a while until they get ready. Their aroma would be the alar for you to take them out and enjoy biting the creamy jalapeno.

Bread Pudding

You should not miss baking the fluffiest pudding every in an air fryer. Just prepare the batter by mixing bread, milk, eggs, butter, sugar, and some drops of vanilla essence. Put them in the toaster oven air fryer and wait for 15 minutes. In the meanwhile, you should prepare the custard sauce as a side ingredient to add more flavor to the pudding. Whether you are hungry or just want to serve your craving, this recipe is the right choice for you.

Honey Chicken Wings

Wings tossed in sweet honey with a sour sauce are everyone’s best meal ever. Now you can also make it in an air fryer to control the oil-intake. Prepare the wings and do not forget to coat them in sriracha. Heat the fryer for the required temperature and place them in the air fryer oven cooking. After a few minutes, you will get the zero-cholesterol wings at home.

In the End

Whether you are following strict diet plans to lose weight or you are the one who opts to eat healthy meals over junk food, this would be an ideal way of cooking for you. No one can abstain from buying it whenever they get to know about the air fryer. The reason is obvious that it is the simplest, easiest, and fastest way of cooking the finger-licking food.


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