9 Legal Ways to Eat Without Paying



Oh, how we wish we could munch on our favorite dishes without having to spend much or anything at all. But wait, there is a way to do just that and we have the answers right here in this post for all those who don’t have the budget to afford a decent full-course meal for themselves.

If you do everything we’ve listed below, you’ll never have to spend another dime in the future or even go hungry again for that matter:

1). Fill Out Receipt and Online Surveys

Whenever you see a survey attached at the bottom of a restaurant receipt, just fill it out. Some restaurants or sites offer surveys online that you can fill out within a few minutes and be rewarded with free food items for your contribution. Some of those sites include:

  • Snipon for TellPizzaHut UK
  • OpinionSquare for Starbucks
  • Swagbucks for Dominos.
  • Toluna for Olive Garden

2). Forage

If you’re not afraid to get a little dirty, then the wild will provide you with an endless supply of nature’s best grub. There is the matter of being able to identify what is edible to eat and what isn’t. But once you’ve nailed that part down, you’re free to gobble down on as many fruits, nuts, vegetables and mushrooms that you can find. And if you’re new to foraging, there are numerous agriculture extension services and mycological societies where you can start out with.

3). Bartering

You can offer to fix people’s cars, mow their lawn, babysit their pets or even mend their doors for a free bite to eat. It could either be fresh produce, a home-cooked meal, a cake or even some packaged or canned goodies.

4). Use Coupons

Coupons can be gathered from a variety of sources including newspapers, magazines, through SMS, or from the internet. And if you put in the right strategies for the occasion, you can literally walk out of your grocery store with free food items and every week at that. The best part about the digital age is that you don’t even need to cut any coupons from newspapers or magazines, you can spend a couple of minutes finding and loading digital coupons into your smartphone or store loyalty card.

5). Continental Breakfast

Some hotels in the places you’re vacationing at might offer a free continental breakfast. The meal usually includes bread products, cold cereal and also juice.

6). Look for Free Grocery Samples

Most stores are kind enough to offer diners an entire meal for free like a Sam’s Club on a Saturday afternoon, as long as you move around the sample stations. Most stores offer free samples predictably. Just get a good feel of the stores that offer freebies and get yourself in line.

7). Attend Social Events

No one hosting a social event at churches, festivals, grand openings, receptions, and meetings would ever deny anyone a chance to get their mitts on some free bites. So be on the lookout for such events and don’t hesitate from joining the party.

8). Special Promotions

Many restaurants also offer special promotions, especially fast-food restaurants. College student promotions with school ID, Senior promotions for those 55 and older, as well as promotions run by chains like Denny’s (where you get a free Grand Slam breakfast),  can provide sustenance for no cost to you and Quiznos (where the first 1 millionth customer gets a free sub).

9). Become a Mystery Shopper

Being a mystery shopper allows you to eat and get paid for it. Restaurants do this to know how well they are treating their customers so they pay people to pose as regular customers. All you have to do is simply go out to eat, fill out a survey and you’ll be reimbursed for the meal that you paid for by the mystery shopping agency. Pretty sweet deal huh?


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