How to improve your kitchen without breaking the bank


Renovating a kitchen is a simple way to increase your ROI when remodelling; in fact, the kitchen and bathroom are the rooms most buyers want to see upgraded when shopping for a new home. So, if you’re ready to sell your home, but don’t want to break the bank in remodelling costs, you can take a few actions to save on costs of remodelling the kitchen.

Understand when to remodel

Like anything else, timing is key to saving. If you choose to remodel in the middle of the summer, when contractors are busy with ten other projects to complete before your home, they’re going to charge a premium rate. Instead, choose a slower, or off-peak season. Even if it isn’t a huge amount in savings, you can save several hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds, depending on the overall cost of remodelling the space.

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Choose lighting upgrades

New LED lighting is cheaper than brand new stainless-steel appliances from thyssenkrupp, or hardwood floors. Yet, this is a great feature a buyer wants today. They are highly efficient and keep the room much cooler than traditional lightbulbs. So, consider this, over some other highly-priced upgrade for the kitchen.

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Refinish and repurpose

If you can remove your kitchen units and sand them, add a new glass pane, and stain them before reinstalling them, your kitchen is going to have a completely different look and feel once you finish this project. You could even install a new kitchen sink. They are quite cheap and will bring your kitchen back to life. And, it is a project you can do yourself, so you’d simply pay for the cost of supplies, no additional labour costs. It will take some time and effort, but it will give your kitchen a new dynamic appeal, for a price you can afford to pay.

These are three simple upgrades which are affordable, yet desirable to buyers today, to help you keep remodelling costs down. Check out Kitchen Warehouse for more kitchen remodelling inspiration.

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