Cooking Up Christmas: A Guide to the Ultimate Christmas BBQ


Well the day after Halloween, the stores decided the ramp up to Christmas has begun. And many other stores? They have been playing Michael Buble since September. The anticipation for Christmas is an exciting time, but if you don’t use it to plan the big day.. You may be left with an underwhelmed family. Start planning your Christmas BBQ feast now, and make sure that all the trimmings are accounted for by following this yuletide guide.

Get the best tools

No, we are not taking about the tools you bought your husband or father for Christmas. These tools are far more important. To pull off the perfect Christmas BBQ, you will need an Infrared BBQ Grill, and the right crockery and utensils to carve and present your meaty masterpiece. Choose festive garnishes like pine and cherries, they will add some colour to an otherwise plainly presented dish. The infrared technology will allow you to control the heat and intensity so that you can get through all your cuts quick, but have them taste as though they are slow roasted.

Decide on your star dishes

If you don’t know where to start with your Christmas BBQ, decide on your star dishes for the day and then work backwards. Sure, a baked ham is always a favourite. But this year mix it up and try a BBQ’d pork or beef. It will surprise your peers, and tastes great on its own or in a roll and affords you the opportunity to use your BBQ. There are some great pork and beef marinades that are popular for summer, test them out before the big day.

The right blend and balance

Don’t fall in the trap of leading with your protein and letting the rest of your spread be thrown together on the day. There are so many more festive flavours that you can have fun with! You may have vegetarians in your group, or perhaps some members that prefer to feast on flavoursome salads and seafood. Think mango and rocket salad, and fresh prawns and shucked oysters. Make sure you are consciously incorporating a good blend of cuisine so that your guests can satisfy every craving.

Festive refreshments

Ok, so how are you going to wash down those delectable bites? Sure, you could offer up your run-of-the-mill sodas and alcohol, but where is the fanfare? Create a festive cocktail to offer up on arrival, and then offer a palate cleanser between courses to keep things interesting. Don’t forget to pick matching glasses and garnishes. Start with something light and fresh at the start of the day, and then end with something creamy at the end (think an eggnog reboot). Do be mindful that it’s summer, so nothing too heavy.

Set the scene

Ah yes, we must be talking about theming and decorating. Your Christmas BBQ is just about as festive as it gets, and a great opportunity to lean into some styling experimentation. Outdoor dining is always a winner, as you don’t have to style too much with nature and the elements doing most of the heavy lifting. To really kick it up a notch, have your guests dress in festive fashion or even over-the-top Christmas gear to make it humorous.


Nothing beats the festive season. The colours, smells and all round merriment shared by those loved ones. But planning and executing the perfect Christmas BBQ? A job not to take lightly. Take the reins on your Christmas BBQ, and set about planning a delicious event that is complete with complementing dishes, festive refreshments in a perfectly styled environment.



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