Tips For Out Of Work Moms


Life suddenly becomes a lot trickier when you have multiple mouths to feed, particularly if you are a mom that is out of work. Being a parent is an incredibly demanding job in itself and also one which can have a massive impact on your finances as there are so many different expenses on top of your preexisting costs. It is perfectly understandable to have concerns over finances when you are a parent, but if these start to interfere with your life and stop you from getting to sleep at night, then there are a few steps to consider which should help to alleviate your concerns while ensuring that the family remains happy, healthy and safe, from home business ideas to reducing household expenditure.

Reduce Spending

One of the best ways to improve your financial position while out of work is to reduce your spending. It may seem like a difficult task with so many outgoings, but it can actually be relatively straightforward when you list all of these expenses and then identify if they are necessary and if savings can be made. Often, you will find that simply switching to non-brand products or shopping at a cheaper supermarket can help you to make significant savings.


You should also take a look at the bills and subscriptions that you are paying each month. Consider cutting out anything that you do not need and look into switching suppliers if it currently costs you more than is necessary. This can be time-consuming and stressful, but it could help you to save more money in the long run.


When you have kids, you will find that you spend a considerable amount of time behind the wheel taking them to school, giving them lifts to their friends, doing shopping and other important trips. While in many cases this will be unavoidable, you may find that there are times where you could walk or cycle instead. It could help you to save on gas while also making sure that both you and the kids are getting exercise and fresh air. After all, walking can even be a fun family activity that brings you closer together.

Cooking Affordable Recipes

Food is one of the most significant expenses each month but also one that is essential. It can be much cheaper and healthier to cook meals from scratch and to make packed lunches instead of paying for school dinners. You should be able to find affordable and delicious recipes online that are sure to satisfy the whole family and even fussy eaters.

Free Activities

Kids need constant entertaining, but this does not mean that you have to spend a fortune taking them to leisure centers, to the cinema or other expensive venues. There are many cheap or free activities that you could all enjoy together and with their friends. This could include games in the local park, family walks, having friends over to the house or bike rides.

Online Work

If you are unemployed but want to generate a stream of income, then you could consider doing online work. In today’s day and age, there are all kinds of jobs that you can do online which are highly flexible and allow you to work at a time to suit you and from anywhere. It is perfect for parents that need flexibility as you can earn money while looking after the kids and take on as much or as little work as you want.

Set Up A Home Business

Similarly, you could set up your own business and run it from your home if you want to earn money but still need to be around to look after the kids. It can be a challenge, and it may take a while until you start to make a healthy profit, so this is best if you have a partner who earns or you have savings tucked away. There are many businesses that you could run from home, including e-commerce businesses, an IT consultancy, a baked goods shop or work as a tutor.

Part-Time Work

You may be able to find a part-time job that can fit around your busy lifestyle as a parent, but just be sure that you do not neglect either the job or your family life in order to earn. There are many different possibilities, and often you can find flexible part-time jobs with little prior experience.

Welfare Or Unemployment Benefits

If you are out or work, then you could be entitled to welfare or unemployment benefits. It can be helpful for opening up a stream of revenue so that you can afford the essentials while you look for stable income.

Borrow From Friends/Family

If you are struggling to make ends meet and you are in need of cash, then you may want to consider reading out to friends and family. Nobody likes to borrow money but sometimes this is unavoidable so do not shy away from reaching out for financial support. Just make sure that you borrow an amount that they are happy with providing and that you have a plan in place to pay them back at a specific date.

Take Out A Loan

If you find yourself unemployed and in need of cash first, then it could be worth taking out a loan. In most cases, you will struggle to do this without a job, but there are loans for unemployed individuals which will help you to get the money that you need. As with any type of loan, make sure that you figure out how much you need to borrow and make sure that you will be able to pay it back.

It can be challenging to make ends meet when you have kids, and you are out of work. Whether you are unemployed but have a steam of income from a partner or if you have recently lost your job, you could find that these tips will help you to create stability and security for your family. Managing money is always challenging when you have a family to consider, but there are always options available to you which could have a significant impact on your entire family.


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