5 surprising ways you can earn money while travelling


Travelling is a great way to get away from the dullness of everyday life. However, picking up and taking off, even for a short time, can cost a lot of money, especially considering you have to leave your job in order to do it. But what if you could earn money while you travel, or, better yet, make money from travelling? Here, we show you five surprising ways you can earn money while you travel.

  1. Sell your travel photos

There’s a huge market for travel and nature photography. Just take National Geographic, for example. The photos that get used in books, guides and websites don’t come from nowhere. You can get in on this by learning how to take amazing travel photos, then shopping them around to various stock photo agencies. As your experience grows, you could see yourself making a lot of money from your hobby!

  1. Start a travel blog

Travel blogs are extremely popular these days, as they are interesting and informative. They provide readers with valuable information that can help them make a decision about their own travel. For a detailed guide on how to go about starting your new travel blog, Matt shares how he earns money on his own travel blog. Not only can you capitalize on your writing skills, but you can do it while seeing the sights around the world.

  1. Perform freelance work

There are many ways to earn money online, and becoming a freelancer is one of them. There are tons of small tasks that people need done, and most of them can be done online. For instance, transcribing audio, performing data entry and writing code are all tasks that can be done from anywhere in the world. These jobs may not pay much at first, but once you build a reputation, you’ll be seeing some real money.

  1. Teach English

There’s a huge market out there for language teachers. You already have a language skill that’s in high demand, and that’s English. You can teach English online from just about anywhere, whether you’re at home or travelling. You don’t need any teaching experience, either. The best way to get a good grasp of a language is to practice casual conversation. That means just getting paid to talk!

  1. Be a beta tester

If you’ve got some downtime in your travels, you can become a beta tester, which involves testing software before it hits the market. There are many websites online that allow you to get a sneak peek of things like apps, games or websites, and all you have to do in return is give your feedback. Not only will you get to influence the way a new product is launched, but you get to fill your quiet time, too.

Travelling and making money are no longer mutually exclusive activities, and you can actually make money while you travel thanks to the internet. Whether you want to make a supplemental income from performing small jobs while you travel or make money off your travel itself, there are many ways to start earning real cash. By using our guide, you’ll be able to take your work with you on the road and live the nomadic life that you’ve always dreamt of.



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