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Every home says something about its owner. The moment you enter a house you can see the different ways in which the house is decorated. Some are busy with placing paintings, mirrors, wall hangings and many other things on the walls, whereas there are some people who come up with new ideas to keep their home remain unique. Wallpics understands this and that is why it allows you to create your own memories with customized images, which are the photographs that have something to tell about you and your life.

What is Wallpics?

Wallpics is the destination of getting customized photo tiles that you can lace on the walls of your rooms and make it look attractive. It is one of the alternatives of wall décor that gives you space to use your own pictures from your albums and decorate your walls with it. This is not a photo-frame or something like that. It is a method with which you can get your snaps customized and styled together in such a way that when you place it anywhere it looks great and adds life to the room.

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How Wallpics help you?
These days when you can find innumerable options of wall décor then the chances of committing a mistake in selecting a wrong decorative piece is quite probable. In such a time Wallpics comes to your aid. It helps you in a variety of ways so that your home looks amazing to you as well as anyone who visits it. It ensures that your home look unique in a real sense and that is why here your real photos are used to enhance the beauty of the walls of your home.

How can you use Wallpics in creating your own memories?

Wallpics recreate the moments that you spent in the photograph by bringing it together with your other pics and creating customized tiles of images that have so much to tell. It is all about the time that you spent somewhere with someone. All those special moments are never forgotten and always celebrated when you take help from Wallpics.

What is the procedure of using Wallpics?

You can easily place an order at Wallpics. For this, you just need to download the mobile application offered by Wallpics. This mobile app is known as Photo Tiles on Instagramapp which is available on the Apple store. Whether you are an Android phone user or an iOS phone user, you can easily take the advantage of this app by downloading it and then uploading the selected snaps on the app. The next thing is to place the order and you will be receiving Wallpics in more or less 5 working days. The delivery of the customized photographs is always within the stipulated time.

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What is the price of Wallpics?

Most of the wall decors are very costly these days and those which are cheap are not made of good quality. Most of the cheap wall decorating items are non-durable and do not appear in reality the way it looks online. Sometimes the size of the wall sticker is small or sometimes the quality of the mirror is not good. These all things can make you disheartened. Interestingly, most of the lowly priced wall decorating pieces could be seen in the homes of your friends or neighbors, thereby making it a common thing. However, this doesn’t happen with the customized images. When you select Wallpics, here you receive the customized snaps of 8”x8” square photo boards. You can then place some of the pics together and make it look stylish. Even if your friend too gets this thing hung on her wall, it won’t matter as your images have a different story to tell with respect to his or her.

Even the price of Wallpics images is not very high.  It is affordable as a set of three customized images are $35 and if you want to add new images then each additional Wallpic will cost you $9 per photograph. If you compare the price with any other high-quality wall decorative item then you will find it priced at a competitive rate. Furthermore, there are no charges for the shipping in the US as it is free of cost and you can also avail worldwide shipping offer from Wallpics.

Does Wallpics damage your wall?

Wallpics are pictures that are designed in such a way that it can be called wall-friendly home décor. It never damages your walls even when you peel it off. Made with special sticky double-sided adhesives, these images when sticking to the wall, they leave no mark on it. You can move it around from one room to another and it can be reused without any problem. Even you get free from the screws or nails and can stick it anywhere in your home on any wall. That is why these Photo Tiles on Facebook are considered damage-free wall decorative. Unlike wall stickers when you remove these images, it never peels off the paint and comes out clean.

How to do the styling?

You do not have to think much about the photographs. You just need to send the photograph and place the order. The rest things are taken care of by Wallpics group. You will have to wait for the delivery of these tailor-made images and once you receive it just stick it to the walls where you planned of placing it. Even Wallpics unveils to you the provision of refunding or returning.


Whether you are a college going girl who wants to decorate her room with the pictures of her family, friends or pet or you are a married man or woman who wants to make your home attractive with customized pictures, you must choose Wallpics. It is the place where you get the stackable photo tiles that can create magic with your memorable photographs. It will create memories that you can share with your friends when they visit your home. All these things make Wallpics one of the best option of home décor for you.  

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