Why protecting your car in a heat wave is essential


An unusually hot British summer is in full force, with no signs of the heatwave relenting just yet. We’ve all made the most of the hot weather by sitting out in the sun, whether sunbathing in the garden or at the beach, but we’re always careful to hydrate, apply sun cream and generally take care of ourselves. Did you know that you need to do the exact same when it comes to your car in a heat wave?

We’re sure you have loads of day trips to the beach and summer road trips planned with friends and you don’t need to have to add tyre trouble to your Instagram story as well. Make sure your car is summer ready and totally heat proof with our heat wave maintenance tips!

Tyres on the drive honest review

Are your tyres safe to drive on?

The heat can impact your tyres in many different ways, and it’s important to keep even more of an eye on them than you do anyway if you don’t want to end up having to cut your holiday short because you’re stranded on the motorway. We may develop a false sense of security on the roads when grip is better and there’s no ice or rain to contend with, but with more people on the roads than ever in the summer months it’s more important than ever to make sure your tyres are in perfect working condition after the strain and stress that’s put on them when travelling.

If you think your tyres need replacing, many of you living in Essex or nearby can buy cheap tyres from the Jet Wheel website.

It’s not only your tyres that can suffer in the heat. Make sure you check your battery regularly as the water inside it can evaporate faster in really high temperatures. You don’t want to try and start your car and find you can’t get anywhere because the battery is out of power, so always check it before going away on long trips.

Check the coolant levels

To stop your car from overheating and causing it serious damage, it’s especially important while temperatures continue to rise to make sure your coolant levels are topped up. Without enough coolant, your car will overheat and stop working, just like humans do in hot weather without water.

As well as coolant, you need to make sure that your oil levels are also topped up before you set off on any summer road trips. Your car needs more lubrication than ever when the air is hot, and oil can evaporate faster in a hot car which may leave you caught short. To continue your car’s optimum performance, make sure you keep your oil topped up for a smooth and problem free ride.

Fuel economy

Did you know that soaring temperatures can also mean you’re paying more for fuel?! Really hot weather means the petrol in your car evaporates quicker, meaning there’s less time before you need to top it up again. To reduce this and hopefully cut costs this summer, make sure you park your car in a shady spot if possible when not in use and try to avoid travelling at the hottest times of day if you can.

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