The True Meaning of Diamonds

Most people are aware of how precious and beautiful diamonds are. Whether placed in a ring, necklace or bracelet there is no doubt about the stunning visual appeal of diamonds.

However, what most people don’t realise is that the Diamond is April’s Birthstone and as such has incredible powers and influence over a person’s life.

Diamond as a birthstone is commonly believed to attract luck and positive energies into a person’s life.

Not only that but many reports and studies into the energy forces of Diamond also suggest that Diamond can also offer a form of protection from negative energies.

How to Use Diamond

If you are luck enough to own a diamond, there are several ways that you can use it to maximize the protection you get from it. It is worth noting that the powerful protection energies of diamond can also extend to close family members so bear that in mind too.

If you want to really maximize the power of your diamond birthstone you should ensure that it gets a lot of exposure to direct sunlight.

People in countries with good weather will find this an easier task that those living in wetter, duller climates but at least 5 hours of natural daylight should be enough to fully charge your diamond.

Once you have exposed it to natural daylight you should immediately start wearing it. This will ensure that the protective energy that will now be radiating from your diamond will have the best chance of being absorbed by you.

As well as protecting you from negative energies remember that it will also offer (to a lesser extent) protection for those closest to you.

Knowing this will allow you to forward plan and make sure that your diamond is fully charged and ready to go in advance of any challenging events or situations that you may be expecting.

My Final Thoughts

The major stumbling block when it comes to diamond is of course price. There is simply no getting away from the fact that diamonds, even small low-grade diamonds, are highly expensive.

This is something you will have to consider when it comes to deciding whether you really need to add the protective and healing energies of diamond into your life.

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