7 Blogs You Should Be Following For Simple Healthy Living Tips

When you’re searching online for healthy living tips, you’ll often come across blogs that feel a little over the top. They’ll have recipes that contain expensive or hard-to-find ingredients, or they’ll include time-consuming workouts that busy parents can’t squeeze into their schedule. If you’re looking for blogs that offer simple and easy healthy living tips, check out a few of these top options.

Healthy Mama Info

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Anastasia Halldin runs Healthy Mama Info. This mom of four has a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition and enjoys sharing what she’s learned about health and food to help other mothers raise a healthier family. Along with tips about exercise and wellness, Anastasia shares instructions for crafts and activities she’s done with her children. Also, be sure to check out the healthy recipes section for snacks, appetizers, main dishes, drinks, and more.

Up Run for Life

Up Run for Life offers a variety of tips to help parents and kids find activities and healthy recipes they’ll love. If you’re interested in fitness advice, some of the top posts include: “Best Summer Sports for Kids,” “Yoga for Beginners: All Things to Know Before You Start the Yoga Class,” and “5 Ways to Workout When You Are Strapped for TIme.” The recipes section includes healthy options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies, school lunches, and holiday meals.

Happy Being Healthy

Melanie started Happy Being Healthy in 2011 to document her journey on getting healthy. Today, she’s a mom of six and a fitness enthusiast who shares everything she’s learned about healthy living. On her exercise page, she shares tips on everything from her favorite total body workout to quick workouts that are ideal for days when you’re pressed for time. As you browse her recipe section, you’ll find simple and easy meals that include baked chicken nuggets and protein-packed pancakes.

Amway Connections

If you’re looking for healthy living tips that include everything from skincare to fitness, check out the Amway Connections blog. You’ll find health tips about vitamins and supplements you should know about, information about caring for your hair and skin, and essential makeup tips. Also, be sure to explore the healthy living section for advice about healthy eating on the go, ways to squeeze exercise into your busy day, and simple steps you can take to support your immune system.

Summer Tomato

Darya Rose created Summer Tomato in 2009 to show that getting healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing what you love. Instead, she sets out to show you how you can make losing weight fun and easy. The key to her success is creating healthy habits that you actually enjoy so you stick with it. She calls this your “healthstyle,” and she shows you how to find foods you love and activities you enjoy. Top articles on the site include “10 Simple Ways to Eat Less Without Noticing” and “How to Start Working Out When You Don’t Like to Exercise.”

The Nutrition Twins

Tammy Lakatos Shames and Lyssie Lakatos are the bloggers behind The Nutrition Twins. They’re registered dietitians and certified personal trainers who share their tips on making healthy living easy and fun. While they focus on eating a healthy diet, they’re not afraid to admit they won’t pass up the opportunity to savor a sweet treat. Their blog shares information about wholesome and delicious plant-based recipes that you can easily make at home, and you’ll also find simple at-home exercises.

Sarah Fit

Started by Boston-based certified personal trainer Sarah Dussault, Sarah Fit helps young women learn how to get fit and eat healthy. If you’re always pressed for time, you’ll appreciate her shorter workout videos like “5 Minute SFit HIIT Workout.” If you’re a mom-to-be, you should definitely check out her advice on prenatal fitness. You’ll also find delicious and easy recipes, like Paleo pancakes, sugar-free muffins, and mango salsa fish tacos.

Getting fit and eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. When you check out these top blogs for simple healthy living tips, you’ll discover how you can fit clean eating and quick exercises into your busy life.

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