5 Reasons for Kids to get into Kayaking

These days, a lot of kids spend their time in front of the TV, or on iPads or other electronic devices – so it can be hard to persuade them to explore the outdoors and to go outside and play as opposed to being cooped up.  Kayaking can be a great way of getting them unplugged from that environment and gives you a chance to relax as a family.  We’ve put together a list of reasons as to why you would want to get your kids into kayaking.

It Can Teach Them Problem Solving Skills

When you are kayaking – there is always a bit of improvisation involved.  Sometimes you need to re-evaluate where you are and come up with a different plan to get to where you need to be.  It could be that you come across a rock that you didn’t notice at first, or there is something else in your way that you hadn’t anticipated.  This means that your kid will need to think of a way to work around that.  It’s a great way for them to learn problem solving – but within a fun environment.

It Gives them a Better Understanding of the Environment

It’s important these days that kids learn about the environment and know how to protect it. By seeing it as something fun whilst kayaking instead of something that is less as a full on educational experience, they are more likely to become one with nature, and also have a vested interest in ensuring they are preserving it. Kayaking is a great way for them to be at one with nature.

It Can Teach Kids to Persevere

Kayaking can be a little tricky at first for kids to get the hang of at first. They will most likely be flipped over in the water on some occasions, but the point is that they will need to learn to get back up and try again.  If kayaking is something that they enjoy, it will give them a reason to be persistent and is a great thing for them to learn.  It’s a skill that they can use not only in hobbies, but academically and in other areas in life. Inflatable kayaks are a great option for children and this article by Best Kayak reviews, will give you info on some of the best kayaks to get them started.

It’s Great Exercise for them

Finding something active for kids to do can be a difficult one, but kayaking is great exercise.  Of course, it works their upper body, as well as their lower body as they will need to use their legs to navigate the kayak.  It definitely is a great alternative to sitting in the house not doing anything.  The best part is that they will be having so much fun, that they won’t even know it is exercise.

If you hadn’t considered kayaking as a good hobby for the kids before, then hopefully this article has drawn your attention to some of the better benefits.

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