Guide to Choosing Ballroom Dance Shoes for Ladies

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to dance in normal shoes? Street shoes are inflexible and heavy, which makes them difficult to dance in comfortably. You need to buy dance shoes that are light and flexible enough to allow your feet to move. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right shoes:

Choosing the Shoe Type

You can choose to buy Latin sandals or ballroom pumps. The latter are used in ballroom dance because they have closed toes and low heels that allow for maximum heel extension as you dance. On the other hand, Latin sandals are used in Latin dances because they have higher heels that allow you to maximize your hip movements and point your toes.

You can also buy dance sneakers to make long rehearsals more comfortable. Because they are heavier than regular dance shoes, you need to choose the best sneakers for your performance. However, sneakers are not a good choice for competitions.

Fitting Your Shoe

The shoe that you choose should be snug enough to cup your heel firmly, because loose shoes can cause you to slip and fall. To make this happen, you should consider buying a shoe that is at least a size smaller to ensure that it remains snug even after stretching out. Moreover, you need to try on different shoe widths if you want to leave enough room for your toes.


Dance shoes come with the following options:

Padding – dance shoes have different levels of padding, so you should choose wisely. Remember that too much padding will affect the flexibility of the shoe and your ability to feel the floor.

Heel size – dance shoes come in different heel sizes. Most ballroom pumps have a 2-inch heel while Latin sandals have a 3-inch heel. The higher the heel, the less stable you will feel but you will feel lighter.

Sole length – when buying Latin sandals, you should point your feet. If you notice that a big part of the sole sticks out beyond your toes, you should go with a smaller size.


The look of a shoe comprises of the following:

Straps – if you are buying a shoe with many straps, make sure that the straps go around your toes securely. You should choose ballroom pumps with a strap across your foot to secure the shoes properly.

Adornments – some dance shoes come with charms and rhinestones. When choosing shoes with adornments, you should make sure that they do not interfere with your movements.

Color – most ladies opt for skin-tone colored satin shoes because they give an illusion of longer legs and match most dance outfits.


If you want to give your shoes the best possible care, you should buy the following accessories:

Shoe brush – you can use this wire brush to eliminate any dirt that collects at the bottom of your shoe.

Heel protector – this is a clear cap made of plastic that you can use to cover the heel of your shoe to extend its life. Make sure that you buy the right heel protector for your shoe because heels come in different shapes and sizes.

Shoe bag – you will need a shoe bag to carry your smelly, dirty shoes back home for a wash

Suede cleaner – this item can remove gunk from the inner sole of your shoes to leave them clean and fresh.

Choosing the right dance shoe is not an easy feat, but the above tips will be helpful. Choosing dance shoes carefully will help you to learn how to dance faster as well as prevent accidents on the dance floor.  

Photos by Isaiah McClean and Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

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