Five Fashion Frills I Wish I Could Still Wear Full-Time

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I love my new life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world.

But there are obviously some things about motherhood and ageing that are horrible, to say the least. Arguably, one of the biggest is the lack of opportunities and abilities to truly be stylish. As young, single women without responsibilities, we don’t need a reason to get dressed up or buy a beautiful new pair of heels.

I guess that’s still technically true for me now, but the functional and productive tends to surpass the care-free and superficial these days. Even without these concerns, I also have to contend with the physical limitations that increasingly become an issue with age.

Thinking about going through my wardrobe over the years and tossing out awesome fashion pieces that I no longer could or would wear put me in a reminiscent mood. For me, there are a few items I really, really miss being able to wear whenever.

High Heels

When you’re young, it’s easy to ignore the threat of aches and pains that you’ve never had. I know that for the most part, I never had to worry about whether my back or feet were going to hurt after a night out with the girls. Unfortunately, time passes, and I just can’t bring myself to wear anything that’s going to cause pain on a daily basis.

There may be no better example of this than high heels. While discomfort is the name of the game regardless of age when wearing them, I could always jump into a pair and dance the night away in my teenage years. Now, it’s just something I whip out for special occasions and when absolutely required.

Nevertheless, I love the style and beauty of high heels – and there is still a time and place for them. After looking at this collection: for some new footwear for a formal dinner, I got a bit nostalgic for the glamour they provide – but they’re just not practical as a mum who can’t let pain get her down the day after.

Blingy Tops

One thing you learn very quickly as a mum is not to treasure your clothes too much. From accidents and spills around the house to the wear and tear of motherhood, it’s hard to justify buying new blingy shirts and blouses that are only going to get ruined.

With small children around, in particular, it’s not just a matter of style. I loved wearing tops with sequins and other adornments, but these easily become choking hazards when they are tugged off or fall onto the floor. It’s crappy, but it’s reality. I just can’t bring myself to buy these beautiful tops knowing what could – or will – happen.

Big Earrings

Going from single life to motherhood takes its toll on all of us, but you’ll never fully understand just how much more difficult even the smallest of tasks become when juggling children. I absolutely adore earrings, but I no longer bother wearing any large earrings, whether they dangle or hoop. Why?

For starters, having an infant anywhere within reach of an earring is a recipe for disaster. At best, you’ll feel a stinging pain when you’re not looking; at worst, they’ll get ripped right out. This is why we can’t have nice things!  By the way, this is easily the number one reason why you shouldn’t pierce your baby’s ears, either.

But seriously, the hazard that provides – alongside the fact that I don’t need any more added weight to my daily routine – make them something that I look back fondly on and wish I could still enjoy.

Mini-Skirts and Short Shorts

Ah, the times when we weren’t mums and didn’t have to spend every waking moment tracking things down, bending over and otherwise running a plethora of errands. I probably spend at least one-fifth of my day fetching things and actively bending hither and thither.

When you’re in mum mode, wearing mini-skirts or any kind of short dress suddenly becomes a huge liability. While I’m completely confident in my physical appearance, I don’t necessarily want to be showing it off to everybody within shouting distance when I bend over to pick up that toy.

Anything Tight

Tight clothes naturally make anybody feel sexier. They’re great when you need that extra boost of self-esteem, but they’re terrible when you’re going about the daily regimen of being a mother.

Anything that is constricting can seemingly slow down or hamper your ability to cook, clean, travel or just herd the kids. Even when pregnant, tight clothes can be bad for expecting mums. There’s certainly a compromise between skinny jeans and sweatpants, but I’m often reminded when shopping of just how valuable mobility in your clothing truly is.

Whether you’re already where I am or planning on being there soon, just keep in mind what you’re leaving behind – or will be soon. As a mum, your fashion sense and preferences are bound to change substantially. There’s nothing wrong with that – change is good. However, it’s good to look back and remember those fond days of being able to wear whatever!

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