What is the Relationship Between Massage and Yoga?

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Yoga and massage are two different forms of arts that complement each other to provide relaxation and better health. While yoga enhances a person’s well-being through profound meditation, breathing exercise, and demonstration of bodily postures, throbbing, kneading, and deep pressure are applied in a massage session.

Although yoga and massage vary in application, they share common health benefits that everyone can potentially acquire such as pain relief, effective treatment to muscle tension, reduction of stress, depression and anxiety, full body reinvigoration, and soothing relaxation. With such benefits and common outputs, many have been wondering what really is the relationship between the two.

How do they relate to each other? What are the differences and similarities that you should know about? And what are the other health benefits you can take advantage of? Keep reading and learn more about it!

The Relationship Between Massage and Yoga

Yoga and massage can work together as a team. Like when you get home after a long tiring day at work or have gone through a ton of strenuous activities that affect both physical and mental aspects, yoga and massage have the ability to alleviate any discomfort and pain. You can get through a tough day and ready to face the next day fully revitalized and stress-free!

They may share common health benefits that can affect your overall well-being, however, each practice has its own specific aspect in our body to improve. Yoga targets more the mental body rather than the physical one. As a spiritual and ascetic form of discipline, profound meditation and breathing exercises provide a way to help the mental body get rid of the stress, anxiety, and depression. With Yoga, you are conscious, you take the lead and conduct the exercises according to what your body seeks for.

In addition to such healing process, yoga also heightens the body’s full potential through particular body exercises. With regular practice and application, yoga doesn’t only encourage the mind to eradicate stress and depressing thoughts but it can also improve one’s flexibility, increase the muscle tone and strength, help lose weight, improve cardio and circulatory health, and better metabolism which can all result in a stronger and better health.

Massage, on the other hand, also takes a different approach to a person’s body. Whether you get through a massage session, sit on a massage chair at home or at a wellness center, get your feet relaxed with body and foot massagers, your body can experience pain relief and you can even feel a quick calming and relaxing effect.

Getting through these massage sessions, you can choose the type of massage according to what your body needs but you are acquiescent. You do allow the massage therapist to perform the massage which in turn helps you recover from different forms of physical pain like neck and shoulder pain, muscle tension, and back pain.

Massage and Yoga – Working Together to a Better Wellbeing

There is evidently a deep connection between massage and yoga. In such instance where a person practices yoga and takes a massage therapy at the same time, the body undergoes a healing process that integrate physical and mental strength.

The frequency, however, differ between the two. While you can practice yoga almost every time or whenever you like doing it, massage may need precaution at times, especially when you’re recovering from an injury and other health conditions. Nonetheless, yoga and massage can work together to promote wellness and thus let your body function at its utmost potential.

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