How Loyalty Schemes and Promotions Can save you money

With a multitude of brands both big and small vying for our custom, and more importantly our prolonged loyalty, it can literally pay to search around and take advantage of some of the many loyalty schemes being promoted by companies.

Loyalty programs are nothing new but in recent years we’ve witnessed a departure away from more complicated and confusing promotions to more simplistic offerings. Whether you’re a frequent flier looking to maximise potential savings, or if you’re a savvy parent looking to trim a few cents off your fuel costs, now is the time to learn how loyalty programs work before taking advantage of the many deals on offer.

Gas points

Gas suppliers like Shell are pioneering a number of reward schemes that enable some loyal customer to get up to 40 cents/gallon discounted from gas purchases. If you regularly make gift card purchases you should be eligible for higher savings which is an extra bonus.

In states across North America, including places like California, these types of fuel discounts can be significant, particularly if you’re filling up large tanks ( 30+ gallons).

Please be aware that if you are using multiple cards linked to the same address this could potentially limit how many special offers you’re eligible for but keep a look out for any changes to individual schemes.

Mail Coupons

Lots of brands, particularly fashion companies, still opt to send out coupons in the mail, offering money off some of your favourite items. If you regularly purchase things like coffee and clothes, be sure to sign up to all possible loyalty/coupon programs and expect to receive discount offers and coupons to your door.

Credit Card Rewards

Credit card companies are always looking for new and innovative ways to help customers earn points and rewards. Well-known brands like MBNA offer rewards points that can be redeemed for any airline, hotel, car or other travel expense.

In this example, MBNA enables points to be redeemed retroactively after charges appear on your credit card, but it’s important to note that you need at least 10,000 points ($100 + the value of the sign-up bonus) to redeem your entitlement.

This credit card rewards program is just one of a number available on the market so make sure you shop around to find the best scheme that suits your purchasing habits.

Digital Coupons

With online shopping set to overtake traditional retail spending, there are now hundreds of digital coupons to take advantage of, including discounts like 50% off groceries at popular outlets.

In order to take advantage of virtual coupons, it’s worth signing up to newsletters and logging on to money saving sites to find out information about all the latest deals. If you use social media, it can also pay to follow and engage with brand profiles; most companies often send out alerts informing customers about the latest discounts, promotions and offers.

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