How to Decorate a Room for a Generation Z Tween

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With trends coming and going in a flash, it’s easy to lose touch with what’s in fashion at the moment.

Decorating a room can be easy with the right tools. Generation Z is known for their unique and stand-out style choices, so interior design should follow suit.

The official age of a “tween” is 8-12. We all know an 8 year old and a 12 year old can vary wildly. This is why we included a range of decorating tips that would be fit for a tween on either side of the spectrum.

Building a sense of personal space should be done carefully and with individuality in mind. Here are some ways to decorate a cute, cool, and awesome room for a Generation Z tween.

Build Around Technology

Generation Z is known for being the most tech-savvy generation yet. They’re on their phones, in touch with the latest apps, and they know social media like the back of their hand (probably more so).

The room should be designed so that charger outlets are close to the bed. Generation Z doesn’t let their phone die or their battery life wain. The one below from Urban Outfitters is a great choice!

A charger outlet should be near the bed so that their phone can charge overnight. They don’t use portable alarm clocks for waking up. It’s all on their phone, so they need the device to be charged in the morning before school.

Since they’re on the internet a lot, a desk for their laptop is key. Sure laying on the bed lazily is a fun way to surf the web, but it’s not ergonomically correct. Having a desk they can sit at when they’re chatting with friends is a good idea for healthy posture and development.

It might have a little bit of a heavy price tag, but a nice desk like this could last well into their teen years and college.

While these tween items rock, they’re often not cheap. This is why discovering discount websites is a good idea. Check to see if there are available promo codes and deals before you make an online purchase at Urban Outfitters.

Think Iridescent

Since the late-90’s, early 2000’s have come back in fashion, that means iridescent is back. You’ll find it on backpacks, shirts, shoes, and home decor.

This iridescent mirror from Urban Outfitters is something that is totally cool and neat.

Since Urban Outfitters is always ahead of the game, they have some of the best options for trendy room decor.

Another iridescent item that’s a little more budget friendly is the Iridescent Honeycomb Decor Set. These baubles hang from the ceiling and add flair to a room that needs it.


Add Whimsical Elements

Justice is a store that offers playful items for a low price. For tweens that like a more whimsical look, hanging a canopy over a bed can really ramp up a room from drab to fab.

Look how cute that looks!

Justice really captures that time in between young childhood and growing into the teenage years. What’s not to love?

Wall decals can spice up any room as well. They’re pretty cheap at Justice, and are an easy way to transform an otherwise drab wall. The wall decal below is magical (and notice the iridescence!).

Animals Rule

Cat lover? Dog lover? There’s so many options for adorable decorations when you bring animals into the mix.

This cat mirror is a cute touch to a room for the feline friendly.

What about this adorable cat mouse-pad? Imagine it on that desk we recommended earlier!

Ok, so there’s a lot more cat stuff available in stores compared to dog items. Cats are just so in right now!

Use Fandom

Instead of thinking only aesthetically, think “what shows, tv, or music artists have bedroom decorations available?” Use that to decorate accordingly!

Here’s an example. For the Generation Z tween who isn’t into the pinks and sweetness of Justice or even Urban Outfitters, a Minecraft bed set from Target is rad!

Star Wars is another go-to for tween decorating. There is an endless amount of Star Wars stuff out there, so if that’s what the goal is for the room, it’ll be a piece of cake.

Walmart has an overwhelming amount of Star Wars items for the bedroom from area rugs to bedding.

When decorating a room, don’t forget the little details like a cool wastecan! This Star Wars wastecan is a neat item for a tween bedroom.

If they’re into Adventure Time, they can get this light up Lumpy Space Princess wall decor from Etsy.

Etsy is probably going to be the best place to find unique items from movies, tv shows, and games. Paying homage is always a good move in decorating a living space.

Cater to Hobbies

For someone that’s into music, adding a starter record player not only adds a cool element to the room, but it also helps in building an understanding for music.

This one comes in a vibrant purple, but there are tons of other colors out there to choose from.

They can also frame all their favorite vinyls and hang them up on the wall with vinyl framers from Michaels. They’re inexpensive, yet add so much to a room. It’s a fun way to showcase musical taste while having a place to keep valuable or rare records safe.

For sports lovers, there’s loads of options there, too. For example, a basketball garbage bin with a hoop over it is the classic kids bedroom essential.

They’re seen in all the “cool kid” rooms in movies. Besides, why not practice aiming at home?

Decorate the Room of a Tween Dream!

During tween years, it’s a time of self-discovery and building personal identity. The bedroom is a reflection of one’s personality, so decorating it means expressing one’s own unique flavor.

As long as it comes from an authentic place, any tween can get the room they have in mind!

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