3 tips to help your child avoid the flu

Your child is the most important thing in your life. You want to do everything that you can to protect your baby. Unfortunately, flu season seems like it’s always just around the corner. You must take steps to protect your child’s health. Here are three top tips to help your child avoid the flu.

Stop the Spread of Germs

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Which part of your home is most likely to spread germs? The answer is surprising. The vents in your home are the most vulnerable points. When you have germs there, your HVAC unit will spread them into the other rooms of your home. As such, you must take steps to keep your vents clean.

A smart idea is to change the filters in your home more regularly. Clean filters stop a larger amount of bacteria from spreading into the vents. Dirty ones have too much gunk already and won’t prevent additional bacteria from moving through your home.

Another approach is to buy filters with a higher MERV rating. These filters are better at catching pollutants and bacteria before they reach the vents. You’ll also improve your indoor air quality (IAQ), which has an added benefit for your kids. They will sneeze and cough less in a home with better IAQ.

Eat and Drink Home Remedies

You’ll have no trouble finding flu medications once your children are sick. Your goal is to prevent illness, though. You may not realize it, but several homeopathic remedies are available. They are proven scientific means of protecting your children from influenza.

For example, Vitamin C will improve your kid’s immune system, giving the child a better chance of staving off illness. Zinc increases your immune system as well, improving your T-cell count so that you don’t get sick. A daily dose of a Zinc vitamin will strengthen your child’s antibodies.

You can even take a dietary approach to your child’s health. Many fruits and vegetables have health benefits. Conversely, plenty of sugary snacks temporarily lower the immune system, leaving your child at risk of illness.

Wash Your Hands the Right Way

Did you know that the type of soap you use plays a role in its effectiveness? Antibacterial gel may not even kill germs. People who use it to the exclusion of soap and water are making a huge mistake. If you believe in its medical benefits, think of antibacterial gel as supplementary rather than primary.

You should still teach your kids to wash their hands the recommended number of times each day, which is 10. You should also train them to wash their hands after every cough or sneeze, the moments when germs fly through the air. Otherwise, they’re likely to spread bacteria to other parts of their body.

Finally, make sure that your children know that they should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds. Any less and they may miss germs, thereby increasing the odds of infection.

You can protect your children from the flu. You simply need to take the right approach. Follow the suggestions listed here to protect your children from illness.

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