Jackloc wins two awards for its life saving safety gadget!

Do you remember back in 2012 when I won the Loved By Parents ‘Blogger of the Year’ award?

No, me neither really. Well it was AGES ago.

(On a side note – Bee was appalled this week because I couldn’t remember taking my driving theory test. She wanted to know whether or not I did it on a computer but I couldn’t remember anything about it. She was horrified. She said it was a key event in my life and I should be able to remember. I pointed out that it was TWENTY YEARS AGO and perhaps she should wait twenty years after taking her theory test before judging me, but she was NOT impressed.)

I DO remember that the prize was a hot air balloon ride, which was very cool. Bee and I went up in the balloon and I remember all of that, as I was meant to be at netball practice at the time and we took off from a field near where we played, so the whole team stopped and waved to me. I really loved being in the balloon and looking down at all the tiny gardens and houses in rows. You go up high enough to have a fantastic view, but at the same time you can see really fun details, like paddling pools in gardens and people’s washing hung out on the line. It’s ace.

Anyway, this post is because a company I do a bit of work for now and again has won not one but TWO Loved By Parents awards. They asked me if I’d ask you to say ‘well done’. A bit like at school where you ask your friend to ask your crush’s friend to ask your crush if they want to hold your hand at break.

The company is called Jackloc and they make those cable window restrictors that help to stop children falling out of windows. You’d have to be a bit hard to NOT want to support a company that stopped children falling out of windows wouldn’t you? Jackloc won Platinum in ‘Best Household Appliance Under £100’ and Silver in ‘Best Household Appliance.’

Jackloc window catch

Apparently 71% of parents surveyed said they were more likely to buy a product with a Loved by Parents Award, so if you voted for Jackloc you potentially helped to increase sales and thus SAVED LIVES. Aren’t you lovely?

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