Hairstyles to Make You Look Thinner and Younger

To look younger and slimmer, you don’t have to make a plastic surgery. With a few makeup moves and a hairstyle for round face to look slim, you can lose several years and pounds with a swing of scissors and a brush. The trick is easy but you will be impressed by the difference. Ready to get thinner? Let’s dig into the beautiful slimming haircuts for chubby faces and do the magic.

1. Long bob

The long bob, or simply the lob, is what will instantly change your look. The longer strands perfectly frame the face and make it look much thinner and younger and it’s much more versatile that the shorter counterpart. With the lob, you can wear your hair straight or curl it the end, make the pinup (we’ll talk about it later) or a messy bun and all of that styles will suit the round-ish face.

2. Long layers

If your hair is of medium length or a bit longer, the long layers can pretty much slim your face. This is not one of the most popular haircuts for round chubby face because some people think that the layers can make the face even fuller. But it’s not how it works. The long layered cut (somewhere about the collarbone) with the tresses framing the face will deflect attention from the problem zones and draw it to your neck and decollete area.

3. A messy pinup

And finally here comes one of the haircuts for chubby faces that require no scissors, just a few minutes and a pin. The styles like this, when half of the hair is pinned up and the rest is let down, visually make you younger and slim the face a little bit. To make the cute pinup, take a small section of hair from both sides of your head and pin them on the back to get a crown-looking style. It will look even more beautiful if you use the texture spray and curl your hair a little bit to get the soft beach waves. Don’t worry if the look is not polished and symmetrical — it should look a little bit messy, because you are young and reckless, aren’t you?

4. Ballerina bun

Ever wanted to feel like a ballerina? Try this high topknot that will not only give you that ballet vibes but will also make you younger and your face less round. This hairstyle looks more put-together with the sleek and straight hair so use a de-frizz serum or some styling gel before you start. When your hair is ready, make a nice high ponytail, then turn it around to make a bun and use a couple of pins to secure the hair. To get the more voluminous look, pull the hair on your forehead a little bit to make it looser.

5. Loose braid

The lists of hairstyles for fat faces rarely include braids but we want to fix this silly mistakes as braids are great to slim the complexion and make you look like a young princess. The secret is that the braid should be very loose and messy and never too tight. Use the volume spray at the roots, then braid your hair in the back or on one side for the asymmetric look. Do the regular braid or a French one if you are skillful enough and tug some parts so it doesn’t look tight.

6. Highlights

Besides cutting and styling the hair to make the face look slimmer and younger, you can dye it in a special way. It will not change your look completely but will make the look more lively. The highlights around the face will do great — try the light ones for the blonde hair and red or chocolate for darker hair tones. Ask your stylist for ombre or balayage technique (and check for examples on websites like  therighthairstyles) and see how it works for you!

These were six simple but effective ways to look younger and thinner without plastic surgeries and painful injections. Top your new beautiful hairstyle with good mood and your favorite lipstick and you will not recognize your own reflection!

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