The Top 5 Healthy Living Tips for Seniors Over 70 Years Old

Turning 70 is not something to be sad about anymore. Many elderly these days are able to still enjoy their lives and get to do more. They are able to go on vacations, spend time with their grandkids, start on some projects and try out new adventures. These old people are able to do this because they duly prepared for it. They took care of their bodies and their finances and they are reaping the benefits of it. Many of them are also able to find affordable life insurance for elderly without health problems—a practical preparation for the inevitable and this allows them more freedom and fewer worries.

Aging should not be feared, it has to be celebrated beautifully. For some people in their 70s who feel that they are just looking at life slipping away, there is still much more you can do. Try out healthy living and get to do more and experience more. Here are some ways to step up to a healthier life:

  1. Amp Up Your Exercise

Being 70 is no time to sit on rocking chairs and complaining about back problems. If other people your age are able to do it, you can, too! Get up and start walking, or running if you can manage to. Do some basic exercises and light weightlifting. It is not too late to nurture your muscles. Move around and feel better about yourself.

  1. Healthy Diet

More fiber means less constipation and good digestion and we all know how a great thing that means. Start incorporating it into your meals. Of course, vitamins, minerals, and protein should never be out of the picture. Get rid of unhealthy food choices and start digging on those great dishes. An old body is susceptible to health problems and eating healthy will help you avoid those. You will thank yourself for this great decision.

  1. Plan Your Finances

Smart financial planning is only a financial advantage, but a health advantage. Getting your finances in order will give you great peace of mind and fewer worries, which means less stress. Many elderly are experiencing health problems because their psychological aspect is in trouble and this is something you should avoid at all cost. Moreover, good finances means being able to afford the right food, travel, and other things you need to enjoy your life more.

  1. Get Enough Rest and Sleep

An old body easily gets tired and this is not uncommon. Give it some due rest when they need, too and the right amount of sleep of course. They do great wonders for your well-being and your overall health. You get more energy on the next day.

  1. Visit Your Doctor Regularly

The guidance of a medical professional on your life choices is very valuable and having yourself checked regularly will help you avoid serious medical conditions. Make doctor visits a regular habit and get the right advice from a person who knows your body all too well.



  1. 16 November, 2017 / 5:49 pm

    Great article. I found that for my aging parents, physical activity is a top priority for maintaining quality
    of life. After retiring and moving to FL they took up pickleball. Apart from being low-impact, there is a
    great social aspect- they’ve got a whole new circle of friends now- and that is another critical part
    about aging, keeping socially active and engaged to ward off lonliness which has lots of negative effects.
    Matt recently posted…Pickleball Health Benefits for an Aging PopulationMy Profile

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