Kitchen Karma – Using Everyday Items to Create a Stunning Kitchen


I am quite possibly the messiest cook on the planet. Somehow the kitchen looks like it has been hit with a weapon of mass culinary destruction anytime I’ve been near it. Fortunately, long-suffering husband assures me that the ends justify the means, although I may have caught him groaning a couple of times while doing the washing up.

I’ve learned to accept my bad habits and that the place will look like a Jackson Pollock painting once I’m done. One thing I can do is ensure that my kitchen looks beautiful once we’ve finally managed to get it clean in preparation for the next onslaught. The good news is that you don’t need to spend thousands for a kitchen facelift to make this a reality. Here’s how you can use everyday items to make yours look wonderful without spending a fortune:

Take a Pot Shot

Great quality cookware sets are not only the key to churning out delicious meals, but they can also make your kitchen look gorgeous. Cast iron or aluminium will help create a more rustic look, while copper cookware gives your space a warm, classic feel.  Alternatively, complement your modern kitchen with clean, elegant stainless steel or hard anodised sets, depending on the existing décor. For the full effect, install a wall rack from which you can hang your pots and pans, rather than keeping them hidden in the cupboard.

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Spice Things Up

Cooking with exotic herbs spices presents an opportunity to use the incredible variety of colours and textures to add flavour to your decor. My handy hubby rigged up an elegant spice shelf that we populated with glass canisters filled with our extensive collection. From the rich, earthy colours of paprika, turmeric and cumin, to the deep greens of sage and marjoram and eye-catching geometry of star anise and nutmeg, this addition brings our kitchen to life.

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Not by Bread Alone

If you’re like me and have teenage children, you will be familiar with the terrifying rate at which they consume anything edible in sight. In our house, bread is the mainstay and mid-morning or afternoon sandwich binges appear to do little to dent their voracious appetites when mealtimes arrive. Given the importance that bread plays in our home, I cottoned on to the idea of using a beautiful bread box as a visual focal point on the counter top. I went with modern with a bit of a retro feel, but it is easy to find bread boxes to suit any taste online or in stores.

Herbal Harmony

For a more natural feel, a friend of mine maintains the most delightful herb garden hanging from racks across her kitchen window. Whether you go with this option, place them on a free wall, or the more traditional line up on the window sill, you will not only have a welcome source of fresh herbs, but add a vibrant splash of living color to your workspace.

Tools of the Trade

I confess that I am a bit of a kitchenware junkie. Over the years, I have collected a staggering array of utensils and implements that make my life easier. What better way to keep these accessible and visible than by hanging them from the wall? Most of my utensils are metal, so I have them attached to a magnetic rack, but hooks or a combination of the two can work just as well.

The great thing about all these ideas is that they are not only a feast for the senses, but also incredibly practical. Try them out yourself or let us know if you have any tricks that make your kitchen beautiful.

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