Tips for Skiing with Kids

tips for skiing with kids

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Family holidays are what keeps the kids going, but choosing which holiday is right for you and your little ones can become difficult. As we all know, keeping children occupied and engaged, instead of dumping them in a crèche or a kids’ club, can mean more quality family time and memories.

When it comes to family activity holidays, a ski trip in the winter can be glorious. It’s the perfect option to keep everyone busy and the excitement of it will inspire the kids for months before! Ski holidays once seemed like such a luxurious thing but in recent years they have become a lot more affordable. (Check this site out for beginner’s ski tips.) With so much to organise, you probably have tonnes of questions. Fear not, there are certain things to look out for when it comes to ensuring a safe, happy and affordable snow holiday:

Location, location, location

Choosing where to go can be the hardest part. Of course bigger budgets allow for more options like France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy, but if you’re hoping to keep things at a lower cost perhaps consider some Eastern countries like Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria or Romania. You may find that everything is half the price here, the people are extremely friendly and that it’s a more laid back atmosphere on the slopes.

Sun protection

Regardless of where you decide to go, you’d be surprised how sunny a ski holiday can be. With the high altitude, the cold wind, and the beating sun, people are always slow to realise how sunburnt they are getting when rushing down the mountain top. Another factor is of course the snow’s ability to reflect the sun, therefore adding reflected light to the direct sunlight. With this in mind, make sure to lather up the kids in sun cream before the day starts. If you’re sending them off to ski school, pack some sun cream in their pockets. In addition to this, a pair of sunglasses or goggles, like some Ray Ban Juniors, are not to be forgotten in order to protect the eyes – do some last minute shopping on the likes of the Edel Optics online store.

Ski gear

Combined together with ski passes for the family, flights, equipment rental, food and accommodation, ski gear is the last thing you want to be splashing out on. There are plenty of second hand shops that offer ski gear or why not try asking some friends of the family to lend something for the week.

Safety first

There is a lot of debate as to whether skiing is too dangerous for younger kids but one thing’s for sure, whenever you’re on the slopes you will without a doubt see hundreds of professional toddlers whizz past you having the time of their lives! Whether you put your kids in classes first or if you’re confident enough to teach them yourself, make sure they start to feel confident on the nursery slopes before they attempt the more advanced runs. Running through some safety tips with the kids is always a good idea: warnings like look uphill at crossings, slow down near the end of a slope, stay in control at all times, etc.

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