The best 3 automatic coffee brewers for your home in 2017

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Technology has allowed for the retail market to be oversaturated with coffee makers, espresso machines, and instant coffee makers such as Keurig’s and the like. With so many choices to choose from, it is hard to make a decision.

This article will help identify 3 fantastic automatic coffee brewers that are perfect for your home in 2017.

Moccamaster Classic

Handmade in the Netherlands, the Moccamaster Classic will work perfect at home or in at the office. It can brew up to 1.25L of hot coffee in less than six minutes. This coffee maker is unique in that it has a 9-hole shower head that promises to saturate the coffee grounds consistently throughout. Finally, the warming plate comes with 2 settings and has the ability to keep your cup of coffee warm for over a half an hour.

This coffee maker is perfect for the sophisticated coffee lover. If you are interested in having the ability to have a bloom phase as the beginning step to your coffee brewing process, the Moccamaster can provide that for you. For those who are new to this process, blooming allows for a balanced extraction of flavors from the coffee grounds. While this coffee maker is perfect for the average family, it does come with a great deal more than your typical brewer. If you would like to learn more you can do so from these Alternative Brewing’s Moccamaster reviews.

Cuisinart DCC-3200

While it is your typical coffee maker that is straightforward and easy to use. With the ability to program this coffee maker to brew up to 14 cups of your favorite coffee, you can set it and leave it overnight. This machine is easy to use with a LCD screen and indicator lights that will let you know when the brewing process is complete. In addition, when the machine is in need of a cleaning, a light will go off that indicates that it is time to decalcify the brewer. This can save you from guessing about when to clean the coffee maker and ultimately save you from having to purchase a new machine. While on the smaller size, this brewer can make a cup of coffee in just over five minutes. This is perfect for those who need to brew a quick cup as they are dashing out the door in the mornings.

Hamilton Beach 49980A

This coffee maker is a great buy for those who are inconsistent with their coffee drinking. Advertised as a low maintenance coffee maker, it allows you to brew a single cup of coffee or even a premium roast in just a few minutes. Made with a stainless steel chassis, this machine can brew one serving or as many as 12 cups if you are having friends and family over. You can also set the machine so that it will brew a cup for you in the morning. If you are rushing out the door and forget to turn the machine off, it will shut off on its own after 2 hours.

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