Top tips for exercising when working a desk job

For those regular readers of my blog (thank you!), you’ll know that as well as blogging, I am also a freelance marketing and social media consultant and a copywriter.

As you can imagine, this means that I spend a lot of time sat at my desk staring at a screen. How many times have we been told that this isn’t good for our health, that we’ll get heart disease, or that our life span will decrease? Too many to count. But we can’t actually do much about it, unless we want no job and no income.

I try to get as much walking in as possible, which I explain in this post, though this often doesn’t work out as planned (that was a completely accidental pun). When my girls were younger, I was always running around after them. But now that they’re older and independent, I no longer resemble a headless chicken.

In this century, is it even possible to work without a computer? We use them for everything: research, email, typing/writing, photo editing, social media, documenting, storing information, databases. Even those in manual labour jobs, such as builders, will use spreadsheets for expenses and customer records. We have reached a time when we struggle to work without a computer, and can sit at our office desks for 7+ hours each day.

So how is it possible to fit in more exercise as well as being a blogger and a working mum? Answer: office yoga!

office yoga

Image: fizkes/shutterstock

Furniture at Work have solved all our problems and created office yoga, fun exercises you can do whilst at your desk. That is if you don’t mind getting a few funny looks off co-workers (pros of working from home).

The exercises involve stretching your arms above your head and twisting at the waist to alleviate and stretch your back. There is a variety of exercises for all yoga standards, from beginner to pro.

You can watch their yoga video here and see about trying some of them yourself.

Do you have any tips for exercising when you’re working in a desk job? Let me know in the comments!

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