The Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt

So, Easter is here and once again there’s the expectation of having an Easter egg hunt. Who came up with this idea? There’s so much to do anyway, why would I want to spend my spare few hours hiding Easter eggs around my house and the garden?

The first problem I have is getting the required eggs without anyone knowing that I have bought them. Do you know how hard it is to find a babysitter for a real reason, let alone for when I want to go shopping in secret.

It’s not as though I’m buying anything risky, just over-priced chocolate and a child’s eternal love. The chocolate company’s really do know how to milk a holiday.

Then there’s the less-than-brilliant Easter Egg Decoration Ideas which populate the shelves of every supermarket. If there’s no Peppa Pig or Fireman Sam then there will be screaming on Sunday morning. Why can’t we just buy a nice tasting, chocolate egg, without all the paraphernalia.

I really have no need for yet another chocolate themed mug and even less need for a toy car shaped like a creme egg. But here’s my real issue.

I love Easter and I really love the joy and fun which an Easter Egg hunt brings.

There’s the expectation on their faces and the giggles of joy which they just can’t control. One basket full of eggs which have been hard won, never fails to fill their faces with the widest smiles ever.

It’s not like Halloween where they just eat too much sugar. I can control the amount of chocolate being picked up and it’s not hard to buy slightly smaller eggs.

I can even buy multi-coloured packs of eggs and assign everyone their own colour, so that one person can’t claim all of the them and leave some of us with none. There’s a sense of fairness in the hunt. If you get all of yours first, you can help me find mine. BUT they are mine and I will be eating every single last one of them.

So, despite that fact that I might have wasted time trying to find a babysitter just to sneak down to the shops to buy the eggs.

Despite the issues, I have with the mass marketing appeal of the Easter egg decoration ideas dreamt up around a glass table in an office block somewhere like Slough.

Despite even the early wake-up alarm to ensure that all of the eggs are hidden before any little feet stir.

Despite those slightly annoying facts, the look on their little faces when the run around the house with an Easter basket in one hand, makes it all worthwhile.

In fact, hiding them has become a little treat for me. Seeing how difficult I can make the game and knowing that if any haven’t been found by the end of the day, that I will get to eat them tomorrow. I know that’s slightly wicked, but it is also a little piece of joy which gets me through the early morning start.

Image – BlueOrange Studio/shutterstock

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