Likes, Wants and Needs: Give Your Home a Lasting Facelift With the Right Furnishing Choices

It is not difficult to find the inspiration to give your home a makeover after watching a few TV shows or browsing home and lifestyle magazines, but what you want to try and do is find a style and look that is more than a passing fad.

Here is a look at how to get it right with your furnishing choices. There are some tips on finding the best way to dispose of your unwanted furniture that no longer fits your needs, plus an insight on defining your interior decisions.

Give your furniture another chance

The first thing to say on the topic of getting rid of any old furniture that no longer fits your style or needs is that it is always worth taking the time to think about your options before sending it to an untimely end.

If you really don’t want the item anymore you could donate it to a charity or nonprofit organisation who will be able to find a new home and a new lease of life for your furniture.

There are other options to consider, such as using sites like Craigslist to generate some extra cash towards your makeover plans, or you could potentially refurbish or repurpose the item and learn to love it again yourself.

Making new plans

Once you have decided to dispose of the old items and reimagine your home’s furnishing, you will want to start drawing up some new plans and work your way through a list of ideas.

You can visit a site like Plum Goose for some inspiration on styles that you might like to see in your home. You can also ask yourself some relevant questions to get a clear idea of what is right for you in your home, both now and in the future.

Clear preferences

A good starting point would be to think about all the various colours, patterns, and textures that you really like, as these will prove to be a good guide to how you put everything together.

If you consider yourself to be a bit of an interior design novice you could take a lead by looking at some of the various styles that have proved their popularity over time.

If you like something that is a bit cutting edge and definitely has a modern twist then contemporary furnishings that are predominantly sharp and angular in their look, will be a good fit.

If you consider yourself more of a traditionalist, you are more likely to want to fill your home with well-chosen antiques complemented by rich dark redwoods.

Other clearly defined styles include a casual look, which is all about comfort and earthy informality. Plus a country home look which is instantly distinguished by soft florals and painted woods around your home.

Hopefully, these will have given you food for thought and set some ideas in your head about how you want your home to look and feel.

Changes to be made

Once you have got a clear vision on how you are going to refurbish your home you will have to make some big decisions about what items of furniture you want to try and work into the arrangement and what is going to have to go.

If you are working to a budget it might be that your hand is forced and you have to keep some of your old furnishings but give them a facelift to fit in with your new plans.

There is no problem with mixing old and new furniture and you can achieve a good look by doing that if you think about matching colors, styles and textures in the right way.

It is also well worth being realistic with your design ambitions so that they fit in with your current lifestyle. If you have a house full of pets and kids, that is is clearly going to play a part in helping you decide what is practical as well as stylish.

The main thing to remember is that if you are creating a style and a look that you are going to be happy with for the foreseeable future you need to take your time and above all, trust your own instincts and judgment, as it is your home and you who will be enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Making the right furnishing choices is not that difficult if you simply think about what you really want your home to look like.

Sebastian Kaur is a home designer who has a big love for soft furnishings! He shares his style and decor tips around the internet.

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