REVIEW: Women’s Ortler jacket from VAUDE

A few weeks ago I was given a new mac.

I know, cool right? I feel like a proper mum now I’ve got a nice sensible coat to do the school run in, and not just this fake fur number, that makes me look like a high-class hooker. (Although I do love the fur).

August might not seem like the time to be getting a mac, but we are in England remember. It never rains but it pours. Literally.

I was sent this lovely Ortler jacket from VAUDE, and, like one of my readers on this post about things your mother taught you, I went for the next size up, ‘just in case’, and I’m really glad I did, as it only just reaches around my bottom.

I do have a large bottom, this is undeniable, but I still made a bit of a sad face when I had to pull the coat tight to make the zip reach. “Don’t be silly,” said Boyfriend, “it will have those toggle things to tighten and loosen around the bottom of the coat.” He fiddled for a while. “Oh no, that’s it at its biggest. Your arse is just massive.”

Yes well, thanks for that.

Anyway, apart from the bottom issue, which to be fair is probably my fault, it really is a lovely coat. I went for the ‘Sangria’ colour, as I liked the idea of having a coat named after a cocktail, although in the flesh it seemed much pinker, rather than this aubergine like colour. I am well known though for having no colour sense, so it could be green for all I know. It comes in four other lovely vibrant colours too, if pink is not your thing.

"Ortler jacket"

Sangria Ortler jacket

I love how light it is, making it very easy to scrunch up in your bag to carry around in case of showers. It came in extremely handy on our yurt holiday in Cornwall in August, as predictably it rained every single day and we were out and about a lot, going for walks and visiting incredible sights like the ‘Cornish Bee Centre’.

Drying it out wasn’t a problem either, even in a rather small and chilly yurt, as it is so lightweight – a quick shake off and bob’s your uncle, it was ready for the next day’s soggy outing.

My favourite thing about it, apart from all the fancy zips and pockets, is the hood. The front of the hood is made with some sort of stiff but bendy material, so the edge of the hood stays rigid. This means I can pull the toggles tight, and keep the rain off my glasses, without having the hood pressing onto my face and covering my eyes. Very clever.

It’s not cheap, but if you’re looking for a really high quality coat that’s lightweight and versatile, and if you have a small to medium-sized bottom, you can’t do much better than the Ortler jacket from VAUDE.



  1. 16 September, 2012 / 6:01 pm

    I always have issues with bottoms on coats (well, my bottom in coats, or trousers or anything really!), but I’m partial to the waterproof ones that have the zip at the sides to ease them on and off…let’s a bit of give around the bottom for bottoms IYSWIM

    • 18 September, 2012 / 3:16 pm

      What is it with trousers that they think everyone’s waist is the same size as their hips?? Honestly, to get trousers to fit over my massive bottom I have to put up with a big gapping hole at the back around the waist. It’s quite ridiculous. I’m sure it’s the designers’ fault and definitely not our bottoms.

      • 18 September, 2012 / 6:32 pm

        Definitely not our fault. And mine’s only got worse post having my son…I now have saddle bags which I never had before (must get back to exercising LOL – no excuse really!)

  2. 6 November, 2017 / 7:30 am

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