Why we all deserve to be Tesco’s Mum of the Year

(Apart from the dads of course. Sorry, but I don’t think you’re eligible…)

There’s just one week to go to nominate that special mum in your life for the Tesco Mum of the Year Award. If you know a mum who goes that extra mile, now is your chance to show them just how wonderful you think they are.

The Tesco website says “Do you know a mum who raises money for a good cause, helps in her local community, or supports her family through difficult times? Perhaps she has built up a business and given something back, or overcome a personal challenge with a smile on her face?”

The answer I’m sure for all of us is yes, because how many mums do you know who don’t do any of these things?

As mums, we are experts in multitasking, and more often than not, if we find ourselves with any time to spare, we’re immediately looking to fill it with something productive or worthwhile. Give us an hour with nothing to do, and our old friend Guilt will find us, and start those voices chattering in our heads. “Shouldn’t you be doing something useful with your time?” they will mutter.

They say if you want something done, ask a busy person, and never is this more true than in the case of mums. Not content with bringing up children, managing a household and working as well, for some reason we just can’t help but stick our hands up at the PTA meetings, volunteer to bake cakes, or take on some madcap fundraising scheme.

As I write this, I’m imagining cutting a slice from a mum’s brain (I know, I’m gross) and dozens of lists and appointment cards spilling out, accompanied by the sounds of birds squawking, small animals running about, and various alarms and timers sounding in unison.

This is what it’s like sometimes in my head at least.

So what’s my point?

(Good question.)

My point is that every single one of us, every mum, is special. We all deserve a pat on the back for juggling each of our various roles in life, and for only occasionally dropping the odd ball. So get nominating now, and let’s celebrate just how brilliant we all are!


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