Japanese cat cafes and 24 hour pet shops

Boyfriend is currently off nosing around Japan, and has been keeping in touch regularly, telling me all about the weird and wonderful things he has come across.

My favourite so far is the cat cafes.

They are just like regular cafes, but full of cats, which you are welcome to pet as you drink your coffee, or whatever they drink in cafes in Japan. They even apparently have ‘cat menus’. You’re not allowed to eat the cats of course, the menus just give you information about them – their names, their colour, how they like to be stroked, that sort of thing. It does sound a little bit like a brothel, but in a nice way.

I would definitely go.

(To a cat cafe, not a brothel.)

Spending time with an animal such as a cat is meant to be very good for your emotional well-being, yet so many of us lack the time or space to keep our own pets. A cat cafe seems like the perfect compromise to me – all the fun of the petting, but without the hair to clean up, or the scratch marks on the end of your sofa.

The more you think about it, the more you feel we are missing a trick. Take dogs for example. Now I’m not a dog person, although I’ve heard that some people like them, but not everyone is able to keep a dog of their own. Why though should you have to miss out on all the benefits a dog can bring just because you work 10 hours a day and live in a small third floor flat? Dogs are good for petting, a great way to get some exercise, and a good way to meet people too. So how about a dog rental service? On a nice sunny Sunday, you can hire the hound of your choice, and take them off for a run around the park, get some fresh air, and have a brilliant ice breaker for when you spot a hunky looking stranger with a poodle.

Another thing that’s popular in Japan is the 24 hour pet shop. Boyfriend tells me they’re to take advantage of drunk people wanting to buy something cute.

This idea made me laugh quite a lot. It would make a change wouldn’t it from waking up to see a strange, dishevelled man with beer breath in your bed wouldn’t it? Instead you’d open your eyes warily, roll over, and come face to face with a guinea pig…



  1. 17 August, 2012 / 9:07 am

    Sadly cat cafes wouldn’t work here, the EU health and safety brigade would go ballistic.

  2. 17 August, 2012 / 9:08 am

    I have just realised the irony of my last comment, we can have brothels but not cat cafes in the UK ….

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