Keep on trucking – Truckfest the gallery

Today we went to Truckfest.

It’s not the kind of day out we’d normally embark on, but we’d heard that Lisa Kelly from Ice Road Truckers was going to be there, and that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity you just can’t afford to miss right? Plus, I do like to expose the children to these kind of working class events, if only to make them appreciate their own lives, and how lucky they are to live within such close proximity to so many different macchiato outlets.

We did get to see Kelly, but only as she stood sulkily with her hood up, drawing the raffle to win a die-cast truck and a cap, so not exactly star spotting, but still, we made our own fun. Like when we went to the Plymouth University open day last week and tried to spot people from ethnic minorities. (We never did get to ten).

I digress.

So, Truckfest was, as you would expect, a veritable feast of truckers delights, with hog roasts aplenty and more hairy tummies poking out from under not-quite-big-enough t-shirts than you could shake (or poke) a stick at. Ice lollies cost two pounds, and we saw a boy who looked about eight drinking a can of Red Bull.

I thought I would share some of our photos with you, as some people really do like to make an effort with their trucks.


As we take this picture, we spot something wrapped in foil casually resting on the truck, just by Belle’s elbow…


"truckfest pie"

…closer inspection reveals it to be a large homemade pie. Of course! Where else would a trucker casually leave their pie?



Cute old truck



Another even cuter truck



Well. Quite. I think I might get the car done like this.



Worn out by all the excitement, Bee has a little lie down in a cab.

Keep on trucking!



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