Personalised wall art, chicken jugs and storytime with Rebecca Cobb

There are so many things I’ve been meaning to mention this week, that I thought I’d do a bit of a round-up. That way you can either read everything, or just delete it all in one go. I do like to make it as easy as possible for you to ignore me.


It’s been lovely over the last few weeks to see lots of reviews being written for Lunchtime – a beautiful children’s book written by Rebecca Cobb. Rebecca is actually my step-sister, so I am extra specially proud. Buy your copy of Lunchtime now. Off you go.

"lunchtime by Rebecca Cobb"

Illustrations that are good enough to eat

Personalised wall art…

I never thought I was the kind of person to go in for all that ‘mug with your own name on it’ nonsense, but it turns out I am.

Fancy that.

*insert snobby insult to isolate and offend half of my readers here*

When Macadamia Media first offered my some personalised printed goodies, I was a little reluctant, partly just because I didn’t know where to start. “We can do absolutely anything you fancy!” they told me. Well, that’s no good is it? How am I meant to choose from ‘absolutely anything’? I’m the kind of person who panics at the length of the menu in McDonald’s and orders Fillet-O-Fish – I really cannot be trusted with a great deal of choice.

Belle was easy – give her anything with her name on and she’s happy – and so her wall stickers have gone down a treat.

"Personalised wall art"

You can choose your own name, you don’t have to have ‘Belle’ on your wall. Unless you want to.

So that just left me. What should I do?? I looked around my desk for inspiration and spotted the postcard I have of The Great Wave off Kanagawa. I quickly googled it, and sent them the link. “I quite like this picture?” I suggested, not sure exactly what they were planning to do with it.

A week or so later, and check me out working in the garden.

"Personalised laptop cover"

I’m actually taking the picture, not just really small.

Pretty cool huh? The only downside is that the only people who get to enjoy it are the people sat opposite me in cafes. You can get your own personalised goodies at Macadamia Media.

And in other news…

Betterware sent me a little something for my ‘jugs in the shape of chickens where the stuff comes out of their beaks’ collection. And yes, this is an Actual Thing.

"jugs in the shape of chickens

My new jug settles in

I think my new chicken, (front right), which is actually an egg white separator, looks very happy with his new chums.



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