REVIEW: Ten things I love from Pickle Pie

When Pickle Pie said they wanted to create a personalised print for me of all the special things in my life, I jumped at the chance.

“Just send us over a list of ten things you love,” they told me.

Easy peasy. I love loads of things – jaffa cakes, hob nobs, mint choc chip ice-cream…

So then I tried to thing of ten things that weren’t just sweets and cakes and suddenly it was quite a lot harder. Have you ever thought about the things that you love? The little things that bring you joy? It’s an interesting exercise.

I managed to come up with a list in the end that wasn’t overly food focussed, and here is my print. They even did the writing in peacock colours for me:

"Pickle Pie"

I love comfy sofas

I really enjoyed thinking about the things that make me happy, and like the fact that sat on my desk, it serves as a useful reminder to me to do more of the things I love.We can all do with remembering now and again can’t we?

If I had any criticism, it would be that I’d rather not have had the line of advertising at the bottom. It’s such a personal thing, that I think it spoils it a little bit to have something so impersonal included so prominently.

All in all though, a very lovely print, and something that would make a lovely present.

What ten things would you have on your list?



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  1. Nicky
    24 May, 2012 / 9:35 pm

    Quite gutted I didn’t appear on the list! Maybe if you’d been allowed 11?!!? x

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