Biscuits, baking and my new Mia Tui bag

Sometimes I am approached to do product reviews by people who clearly haven’t read my blog. I had an email recently for example that began “I can see from your blog that you love baking with your children…”


Which post was it exactly that gave the impression that my children and I regularly enjoy wholesome kitchen based activities? Was it the one about porn? Or perhaps the one about orgasms??

Other times I get offered products that really I’d struggle to write a whole post about, but which I would actually quite like to have some of. Like Toffee Dodgers. “Oh my God!” said Bee, when I asked if she fancied being sent a couple of packets. “Definitely get those. They are the very definition of biscuit”.

They are quite tasty.

Sometimes though I get asked to review products that are not only useful, but that I genuinely love. Such is the case with my new Mia Tui bag.* Now I will be totally honest here and say that when I first had a look at the bags on the website, I wasn’t 100% convinced. I thought maybe they looked a bit plasticky. I really don’t think the pictures do the bags justice though, because as soon as it arrived I fell in love with it.

Firstly, it is just so BIG. (And we all know that size matters). I went up to stay with my sister last week and comfortably fitted in all my overnight stuff, plus my laptop and all its leads, and there was still loads of room. It would be ideal for lugging around baby stuff.

I took it out for lunch with me to meet some friends and even without prompting they were all admiring it. I felt so proud. It comes with all manner of fancy pockets, clips and internal bags too, so you don’t have to climb in and rummage around in the bottom for your phone or keys.

My favourite bit though is the spotty lining. Look, it’s so spotty and spacious…

Mia Tui bag review

If you want one of your own, and why wouldn’t you, there are currently four up for grabs on the Mia Tui blog. Definitely a prize worth having.

*And I’m not just saying that because the bag’s designer told me she would ‘love me forever’ if I wrote a review. Although that’s obviously nice to know too.



  1. Lisbeth
    3 May, 2011 / 6:00 pm

    It’s a LOVELY bag…

  2. Ann Caulfield
    4 May, 2011 / 10:07 am

    Lovely bag, useful for ALL sorts of things!x

  3. Steph
    5 May, 2011 / 2:02 pm

    Great prize, would love to win xx

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