Honey and cakes – the recipe for a great new advertising campaign from Rowse

I woke up this morning feeling grotty.

Apart from a not unpleasant dream involving a spot of light bondage, most of the night was spent with me hacking away like an old, pipe-smoking sailor, until it felt like I was coughing on razor blades, which is enough to put you off the bondage completely. I need at least one hand free at all times to be able to cover my mouth. I finally woke up feeling like someone had injected concrete into my sinuses. If ever there was a day when you wanted the postman to turn up with a box full of cakes and honey it was today.

Fortunately, I was roused from my congested snoozing and saved from a day of lying in bed feeling sorry for myself by the knock of the postman, delivering a parcel from Rowse Honey.

How exciting! What could it be I wonder… Not bees I hope. I have a listen. There’s no buzzing, so if they have sent me bees they are either dead or asleep. Do bees even sleep? And why on earth would anyone send a promotional box of dead bees? All the snot has clearly gone to my brain.

I open it. It’s not bees, dead or otherwise, it’s cakes and honey.


One hot lemon and honey and two cupcakes later I’m feeling rather more perky, and have set myself up nicely for a hypoglycemic crash in about three hours time, so before I start shaking and falling over I had better quickly tell you just why Rowse are trying to woo me with sweet treats…

It’s all in aid of their new advertising campaign. Rowse is a proper traditional, family business, that began with one man, Tony Rowse, keeping bees in his shed in 1938. He got such a buzz from his hobby (see what I did there?) that he decided to make bees his business. To reflect their simple, honest values, they have handed over their latest ad campaign to their staff. Armed only with their own imaginations, a video camera and an apparent complete lack of shame, Rowse staff have come up with six potential ads. They are actually very sweet (enough with the honey related puns already…) and make a nice change from meerkats, which are wearing a bit thin now in my opinion.

The ads are going to be on the TV very soon, but you can take a sneaky peek right now on the Rowse facebook page and vote for your favourite. While you’re there, you can also claim a free jar of honey, just for liking them.



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