You might think that the weekend just before a big house move would be a BAD weekend to go away, but a couple of days at Bluestone in Wales, away from boxes and bubble wrap, turned out to be just what we needed to recharge our batteries.

I mean come on, who could fail to feel reenergised looking out at this beautiful view?

Bluestone Wales review

Bluestone Wales review

I’ve not done any editing at all to those photos – I wanted you to see how lovely the light was in the evening as the sun started to go down.

It helped that we were staying in one of the upside down lodges, so the bedrooms were on the ground floor and the open plan kitchen and living room space was on the first floor, taking advantage of the view of the lake.

It wasn’t our first trip to Bluestone – we visited a couple of years ago around Christmas time when I made Belle dress up as an elf – but we were keen to come back again in warmer weather to try some of the outdoor activities. Bluestone is set up in a similar way to a CentreParcs style resort, but I actually prefer it to CentreParcs as it’s a lot smaller and easier to get about. The resort centres around a ‘village’, which includes pubs, restaurants, a cafe, shop and spa, plus there are outlying areas for activities. Everything is within easy walking distance although you can hire golf buggies for the duration of your stay if you want to. (Belle was DESPERATE to do this, but they were a bit on the pricey side I felt.) View Post

I want to introduce you to what may well be my very favourite thing in my new house – my shelves from Tylko:

Tylko flexible shelving

Well hello there!

Let’s start at the beginning though. How exactly did I create this masterpiece of shelving?? Easy peasy actually. I’ll show you.

First up, you have to go to the Tylko website, then click under the ‘shelves’ menu to find the kind of shelving you need. They have split it into categories to help get you started, like bookshelves and sideboards, but essentially they all do the same thing as everything is totally customisable.

Pop in the dimensions of your space, then play around to get the design you want: View Post

A little while ago Belle and I went for a weekend in Newquay, Cornwall. From the beach we could see a large building out on the headland.

Headland Hotel Cornwall

Can you see it?

‘What’s that do you think?’ Belle asked at the time.

‘I don’t know,’ I said, ‘but it looks a little bit creepy doesn’t it? Like it could be an abandoned asylum, staring out to sea.’

Turns it out wasn’t an abandoned asylum at all. It was The Headland Hotel, as we discovered when we pulled into the car park in front of what, in fairness, does have a very grand, traditional feel to it. (I did ask and although it was purpose built as a hotel, it was used as a hospital during World War II, so perhaps I just sensed the ghosts of patients past.)

Inside was very far from hospital chic. Instead it had a very classical, opulent hotel feel. Proper chintz, but in a good way, if you know what I mean. Big comfy sofas and swooshes of curtain, framing gorgeous sea views from what felt like every window.

Headland Hotel Cornwall View Post

Fancy £20 off your next holiday? I’ve got a discount code for you today, so you can claim £20 back from your next stay AND earn every time a new friend books accommodation! discount code

I love staying in hotels.

One of my favourite things about the whole experience is the hotel breakfast. When would you ever make yourself a fruit salad for breakfast, drink juice from ridiculously small glasses and poach yourself some smoked haddock? You just wouldn’t.

I did once miss a hotel breakfast. I was staying for a night in Manchester with Fiance and we’d had a bit of a late night and overslept. When I woke up, checked the time, and realised we had slept through breakfast I was GUTTED. I mean properly, irrationally gutted. I had this awful sinking feeling and just wanted to turn back time – to do anything to make it NOT TRUE.

As you can see, it still haunts me. I probably need to get over it. discount code

My normal hotel breakfast

I tend to book my accommodation through comparison sites like, where they search for the best deals for you in whatever location you want, give you reviews and ratings, and generally make the whole process a lot more straightforward. Not like the good old days when you had to get out a Yellow Pages and take pot luck. How did we COPE WITH LIFE before we had to ability to see star ratings from strangers??

What’s super cool about is that you can now get money off with my discount code. View Post

I have two questions for you:

  1. Do you love taking your family to the theatre? (Maybe you’ve always wanted to take your kids but never quite got round to it – that counts too.)
  2. Did you know that Amazon sold discount theatre tickets?

If you answered YES then NO then welcome to my world.

(If you answered YES and YES then good work, go to the top of the class.)

I am probably one of Amazon’s best customers. I have Amazon Prime and man, I get value from my free delivery. I could be in the middle of doing something, like getting dressed, or hoovering, and I’ll suddenly think ‘Oooh, I really need one of those box files for all my documents…’ and boom, it’s ordered.

(Probably a little bit impulsive but I’ve never ended up with anything too ridiculous.)

I have an Amazon wish list for things I want, lists for other people… I’m ALL OVER IT.

And yet.

Until a couple of days ago I NEVER KNEW that Amazon sold theatre tickets! How have I missed this?? More to the point, how has Amazon, who seem to know I need microfibre cleaning cloths before even I do, failed to let me know?

You missed a trick Amazon! We love the theatre!

Anyway, now I know, so it’s okay.

Amazon Tickets actually launched back in 2015. It offers all Amazon customers quick and easy booking, low and all-inclusive prices and trusted customer experience when booking tickets to music, West End theatre, comedy and live events across the UK.

I love the idea of ordering tickets through Amazon like this as I always get a bit anxious booking tickets when it feels like there are half a dozen places you could buy them from, and you’re never sure which is going to give you the best deal.

June is Family Show Month at Amazon Tickets, so they have extra special offers on some really great family shows, like these.

Amazon Tickets family shows View Post