Before we start, I know that actually I should be calling it Mothering Sunday, but it really annoys Fiancé when I call it Mother’s Day, and so now I do it deliberately, just because that’s the sort of annoying, belligerent girlfriend I am.

(Also, I think that’s the first time I’ve ever typed the word belligerent, which is nice, because it’s good to try new things.)

Mother’s Day then. What do you normally buy your mum for Mother’s Day? Now that we’re grown ups we can’t get away with glueing some dry macaroni and glitter to a piece of card and calling it art, so if you’re anything like me, it will be something from this list:

  • A card – one that doesn’t scream ‘I just went to the supermarket this morning and this was all they had’. (A couple of years ago I got my mum a card that said ‘Best Mum in Somerset’, which I think she appreciated.)
  • Chocolates – mid-range, unless you went SUPER FANCY and made the effort to go to Hotel Chocolat. (Get you, trying to make the rest of us look bad.)
  • Flowers – small bunch of.
  • A homemade ‘cheese stew’ – I received this rather than gave it. If you’re intrigued, you can read more about it in this article I wrote recently for Prima Magazine.

Not a very inspiring list is it? (Apart from the cheese stew.) Sorry Mum.

cheese platter

Just getting my ingredients ready to make my Mothers’ Day gift.

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I’ve been very lucky as a parent that I’ve never had to take either of my children to A&E. They have been to the minor injuries unit a few times, but never for anything serious.

The first time I had to take Belle was when she was about seven years old. She had a friend over to play after school and they were busy in another room. Suddenly I heard this SCREAMING. Proper loud screaming that I’d never heard from Belle before. She was reluctant to tell me at first what the matter was, but it turned out that she had been experimenting with putting pieces of orange peel into her ear (?!) and a piece had got stuck. The more she tried to get it out, the further in it went, until it had became so painful that her only option was to scream until I came and sorted it out.

I couldn’t reach it, so we ended up going to the hospital. I had to sit her on my lap and hold her head still while the doctor fished about with some very long tweezers. It was actually a pretty horrible moment for me, as she was clearly in a lot of pain, and I was there, basically having to hold her in a headlock. Her ear bled a little as they got it out, but she as fine, and we all lived happily ever after. (The friend never came for tea again.)

Belle has had other problems with her ears over the years, and when she was only about four years old she actually had them syringed by the GP as she had a build up of wax. I don’t think doctors really like to syringe ears any more, so the next time she had the same problem we were referred to the hospital for ‘manual wax removal’. Sexy times. Unfortunately, about a week before our appointment, we had a letter saying that they didn’t have the budget for the procedure any more and so there we were, back to square one.

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cures for a cold

I don’t know about you, but it feels like we’ve had about 27 colds between us already this year. Yucky ones too – proper colds that leave you feeling grotty and exhausted and like it’s almost too much effort to reach for the remote control. It’s not much fun.

A cold can leave you feeling seriously sorry for yourself. I tend to go as far as actually sticking my bottom lip out and trying to widen my eyes when I look at people, to extract maximum sympathy when I whine pathetically ‘I don’t feeeeeel very welllll.’

It’s a sorry sight.

Just in case you’re in a similar predicament, I’ve put together a list of nine nice things you can do for yourself when you have a cold that will help you feel not quite so awful as you otherwise might.


Accept that you have a cold. This is tricky because we all like to soldier on don’t we? It’s like there’s glory in working even harder than normal, to prove you’re somehow much more capable than everyone else. Accept that you have a cold, be kind to yourself and lower your expectations. It’s okay if some things don’t get done until next week.


Get yourself some wholesome snacks. You might not feel like cooking, but don’t fall back on crappy things like biscuits and ice cream. Your body needs good things to help the healing process, so stock up on things like good soups, fruit, smoothies – stuff with actual nutrients in. Shop online for minimum hassle or bribe a child to go out for you.


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A couple of weeks ago I did a REALLY LOVELY THING. I went to the HelloFresh headquarters in London, made a terrarium of my very own and then drank champagne and ate the best dauphinoise potatoes I have ever tasted. (Seriously, they were so good. If you’re a fan then you definitely need to read on to find out more about the HelloFresh Easter box.)

Basically I got invited to spend a couple of hours doing my FAVOURITE THINGS.

It was awesome.

We started the fun with a tour of the HelloFresh offices from Patrick, Head Chef at HelloFresh. Their space, as you can imagine, is pretty cool. Imagine that Google did food, and had meetings in an indoor potting shed, just next to a massive library of vintage recipe books. It’s like that.

HelloFresh Head Chef

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Do you remember a while ago when I showed you that amazing bangle I had that looked like a sparkly nail?? You should go back and have a look if you don’t remember. The company that makes said bangle – Infinity & Co – is back today with another competition.

Hoorah for sparkly things!

The competition is to celebrate their new range – LOVE X INFINITY. It’s a lovely collection of more affordable pieces, designed to be given as gifts. They have some really sweet bits and pieces, including this gorgeous jigsaw puzzle necklace and a wishbone bracelet, which are two of my favourites items in the range:

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