Birds Eye Crispy chicken recipe

A year or so ago a new restaurant opened just up the road from us. It was one of those all you can eat Chinese buffet restaurants, the kind where you pay £14.95 each and get to stuff yourself silly with sesame toasts and teeny tiny puddings. We were very excited. What normally happens though in these places is that you get overexcited, eat a plate full of chicken balls, worth about 78p, and then suddenly get too full to eat anything else.

Whenever we’ve been there, Belle has pretty much just eaten crispy duck and chocolate fountain. (Not at the same time.) She loves those little pancakes, and I love her eating them because they are one of the only things she eats that includes protein AND a vegetable.

Hoorah for teenagers eating balanced meals!

When Birds Eye got in touch then, asking me to create a 20 minute, family friendly recipe using their Crispy Chicken, I had a moment of inspiration – I could make my very own buffet restaurant pancake experience, switching duck for chicken!

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review Sing movie

It’s here! Quite possibly my favourite film of 2017 so far, SING is now out on DVD and Blu-ray, just in time for half term.

What’s almost more important though for a family film night that’s the film? Snacks of course!

How to make Piggy Power Popcorn

Belle is quite set in her ways and has a few favourite foods that she’d eat all of the time if you let her.

  1. Delivered pizza
  2. Normal pizza
  3. Bacon
  4. Chocolate chip brioche
  5. Popcorn

I decided to make some themed film night snacks that incorporated some of her favourites. Chocolate chip brioche pizza sounded a bit iffy, so I went with bacon flavour popcorn, or as I like to call it, Piggy Power Popcorn! Sing stars a rather flamboyant pig named Gunter, who is all about the piggy power. View Post


Ooer. That sounds a bit creepy doesn’t it?

We weren’t up to anything suspect, I promise, we were just test driving the Hyundai i30. (Although I will say that if you DID want to transport bodies, the Hyundai i30 has excellent boot space.) We wanted to give it a proper test in a good variety of conditions, so we took it down the M5 until the motorway ran out and then drove our way down to stay at a Forest Holidays place in Cornwall.

It was PROPER RAINY that weekend, but I didn’t mind because I really like being in the forest in the rain. Everything smells so lovely and fresh when it rains in the woods, plus our lodge had a hot tub, and there is something very decadent indeed about being outside in the cold, with your whole body in the warm water, sipping a glass of cold white wine.

Belle had really enjoyed the drive down as Fiancé was coming down to meet us from London on the train, so she got to sit in the front. In the Hyundai i30 this meant two things for her.

  1. She got to plug her phone in to the Apple Play thing and make me listen to songs sung (badly) from the girls from Dance Moms.
  2. Every five minutes or so she could casually switch on my heated seat and wait for me to worry that I had wet myself as I felt the spreading warmth.

Both of which she enjoyed thoroughly.

Hyundai i30 review

Looks like butter wouldn’t melt doesn’t she?

Being in the Hyundai i30 made it a lovely drive for me too, especially as I’m used to driving an ancient, mouldy smelling Seat that has done over 110,000 miles and has a driver window wedged closed with cardboard. I could say that anything would seem good by comparison, but I am a genuine fan of the Hyundai i30. In fact, I used to drive one, and so I speak with two years’ experience. View Post


I remember once seeing a kebab pizza in Iceland. (The supermarket, not the country.) An actual pizza, with kebab toppings.

I guess in my head, that’s exactly what Iceland was all about – cheap frozen food, that perhaps wasn’t the most gourmet choice going. When I told people I was working with Iceland, reactions seemed to reflect a similar sentiment – raised eyebrows, Peter André jokes, comments about having to defrost my dinner, that sort of thing.

Oh how wrong I was!

I went along last week to an event with Iceland to have a sneak preview of their new autumn collection and my MIND WAS BLOWN.

Here’s the menu, which was created for us by Iceland’s head chef Neil Nugent, all using ingredients currently available at Iceland, or coming out in the autumn:

Iceland new autumn collection


That’s not what you expect from Iceland is it? I’d never even HEARD of a deep fried avocado, let alone tried one alongside a crab taco. In fact, I didn’t even know that frozen avocado was a THING, so that was a bit of a game changer. Safe to say I was pretty excited on the train up to London, looking forward to getting my mouth around a warm Welsh cake ice cream sandwich. View Post


Belle has ALWAYS wanted a beanbag.

You know how kids sometimes get a thing stuck in their mind and they just can’t let it go? Bee was the same with a mini fridge. She wanted a mini fridge in her room for ages – roughly from about birth until her mid-teens when my sister gave in and bought her one.

But with Belle it was a beanbag.

I don’t really know why, during all this time, we haven’t ever actually bought a beanbag. Perhaps because it reminds me of when Bee and I first lived by ourselves when she was three and I was 20 and we didn’t have any chairs, only a beanbag that we took turns on?

big bertha beanbag competition

Isn’t she a cutie?

Anyway, much to Belle’s delight we have one now. A huge, snuggly, furry thing from Big Bertha Original Beanbags. Belle has it in her room and seems very happy with it. It’s very sweet actually.

‘I think I might sit in my beanbag for a bit before bed,’ she said last night as we were saying goodnight, which almost bought a little tear to me eye. View Post