I think I probably take my mum for granted sometimes. I’m not really a gushy sort of person – I prefer to show affection through mild teasing – but she’s not bad. I realise as I get older, and my children get older, how hard it actually is to ‘parent’ once your kids start to form their own opinions. (Damn them, being so sassy and confident.)

No one is perfect of course, but there are a lot of things about my mum that I am grateful for:

  • She is generous with her time and money
  • She is always supportive of me in times of crisis
  • She has a good sense of humour and is fun to hang out with

Okay, that’s enough. Let’s not get carried away. She also has way too many balls of wool in her house, and the state of her saucepans is shameful.

But still, she’s nice.

I’m very lucky with my whole family really. We are all just incredibly intelligent and witty and modest and quite honestly, anyone would be lucky to spend time with us. I mean look at us:

#Muminamillion Photobox Nectar

Basically the Kardashians. This photo is a few years old but it’s one of my favourites because there are so many of us all in one photo. (That’s me on the left, before my hair got quite so grey.) View Post


Today I have a review post from Bee, featuring her brand new baby sister! (On her Daddy’s side – I’ve not had a secret baby.)

I have a baby sister, Martha. She is small and very funny. Martha is only three weeks old. When she was born, we were all very surprised to see that she was a girl. Even though she cries a lot when she has to get her butt out, she is really so cute and I love her a lot. She is definitely in my top two favourite sisters. (I have two.)

Hippychick SpaceCot

Before Martha was even born, we were offered the chance to test out the super cool SpaceCot from Hippychick, an easy to use travel cot for babies. While Martha is still a little bit small to use it properly, we popped her in there to test it out and she had fun just chilling there in her room.

Recently I got a new camera so it was a great opportunity to take some pictures of young Marth in the SpaceCot. She was over two weeks late so we have been itching to try it out for ages! View Post


I’ve been using Innovo for about six weeks now. In case you need a refresher, take a quick read of my introductory post here or, if you’re too lazy to click a link, (shame on you), then you’ll just have to pick it up as you go along. It won’t be the same though, so your loss.

So what is Innovo?

Didn’t I just say that you had to read the post introducing Innovo? Well I meant it. Off you go.

Okay, okay.

Innovo is a non-invasive way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which basically means you don’t have to insert anything anywhere. It’s essentially two big, wide straps, that you attach to your thighs, and which then send electrical impulses to key muscles. These in turn stimulate your pelvic floor muscles to contract – six times per minute – in a bid to strengthen your pelvic floor and stop you doing a wee in your pants every time you sneeze or go on a trampoline. (Both of which *may* have happened to me.)

Innovo pelvic floor exercise


What does Innovo feel like?

I’m not going to lie – Innovo is uncomfortable to start with. You’re advised to start off slowly and build up over a few sessions while you get used to the sensation. When you first start, it really hurts at 30, and you wonder how you’ll ever progress, but you do very quickly adjust. Just experiment with upping the pulse bit by bit but don’t worry, you will get there in the end.

It’s an odd feeling, because you lose control of your own muscles, and get to watch them contract and relax independently of you. Once you have built up a bit of resistance though, it’s quite satisfying, and you can definitely feel it working your pelvic floor muscles. View Post


win coffee

Coffee is something I’ve come to a bit later in life. I’ve always been a weak and milky tea drinker, (the tea being weak and milky, not me, although I’m not strong exactly), but over the last year or two I’ve developed a bit of a taste for something stronger.

What I am discovering is that, just like tea, there is a lot of variety in coffee, and a huge gap between a good and a bad cup of the black stuff. (Do people call coffee ‘the black stuff’ or did I just make that up? I think it’s real.)

Anyway, today I’m giving away a bundle of coffee related goodies that definitely fall on the good end of the coffee spectrum. Spiller and Tait is a company local to me, based down on a farm near the Devon coast in Budleigh Salterton. They’re a small company, not looking for world domination – all they want is to make decent, fresh coffee that tastes good and doesn’t spend ages sitting in packets on supermarket shelves. All of their coffee is delivered to your door within seven days of roasting, so you get a fantastic, fresh coffee flavour, plus parcels are letterbox friendly, so you don’t have to worry if you’re out.

To introduce new people to what they do, Spiller and Tait has very kindly offered to give one lucky winner a bundle of coffee making goodies. You can win: View Post


I have two questions for you:

  1. Do you like cheese?
  2. Do you like it when someone offers to pay your electricity bill for you forever?

If you answered yes to both these questions then read on.

Wyke Farms has teamed up with Good Energy to offer one lucky person the chance to win an entire lifetime’s supply of renewable electricity. Wyke Farms is big on sustainability and both brands share a passion for food and energy provenance. Wyke Farms also make ace cheese.

Wyke Farms electricity competition View Post